Muslim migrant found guilty of unprovoked interfaith dialogue on 14 year old at Christian camp in Sweden

A 19-year-old Afghan man has been found guilty of sexual molestation of a minor after groping a 14-year-old girl at a Christian church camp in Sweden.

Arif Moradi ‘repeatedly groped the girl’s breast and bottom’ while giving her a massage at the camp in Söderköping, south-east Sweden, where he was a leader.

Within hours of the verdict, Moradi and dozens of his supporters had taken to social media to accuse the young victim of lying and calling for her to be ‘punished’.

Islam… The Harvey Weinstein of religions… h/t MW

  • David Murrell

    $100 fine, two weeks in jail, to be served on weekends.

  • simus1

    According to DM he is quite the “westernized” smooth operator. An apprentice vote whore with quite a following, meeting all the right people or in Sweden’s case, right idiots.

  • WalterBannon

    why was a muslim a leader at a Christian church camp?

    why was a muslim male allowed to be near female infidel minors?

    why do Christians continue to be members of this fake-Christian church?

    • k1992

      There are no Christians in Sweden – the last of them died out a decade or two ago. What’s left is a husk, a empty show put on by progressives and leftists until they all finally convert to islam.