Leftists and the Jews

The words I am about to share will be riddled with controversy. Some will squirm in their seats and I will squirm here on the bima but they are words I must express. I have never shied away from the truth, even if disturbing, even if risky, even if politically incorrect. Jeremiah many years ago lamented his prophetic appointment by crying out, “Vehaya b’libi ke’ish bo’eret atzur be’atzmotai. … V’niglayti kalcheil, v’lo uchal.” (“God’s word was like a raging fire in my heart, shut up in my bones. … I could not hold it in. I was helpless.”) Jeremiah’s messages were blunt and harsh. He was beaten up by our ancestors and repeated attempts on his life were made but his words remain. Though no Jeremiah, I share his irrepressible passion for saying what needs to be said. I am also confident that you will be kinder to me then were the hostile and homicidal Jews of old to Jeremiah. I made a commitment to myself when I began the rabbinate that I would never talk down to my congregation, nor patronize them, nor treat them with disrespect from the bima. You have heard over the years sermons that many thought were hyperbolic, over the top, but we at Etz Chaim have always been ahead of the curve. I am proud of that. So please understand, it is the respect I have for you that compels me to say what must be said and what must be heard.

h/t MP

  • deplorabledave

    “As I venture into a place of possible controversy permit me a brief detour that I hope sets straight the record. In November, we had dismal options. To the shock of all, the underdog won and the slam dunk lost. Let me say it loudly, slowly and clearly: I am no enthusiastic fan of President Trump. There is no presidential presence in the oval office. He lacks dignity and has no filter when he speaks. He panders to his crowd and often falsehoods flow easily from his lips. His campaign rhetoric was inexcusable. His demeanor on the stump, a cringing embarrassment.”

    I almost quit reading but persevered.

    “We participate in the Gay Rights Parade here in Atlanta and are a proudly inclusive community. One of the great moments of my career was bringing two women together in marriage under the chuppa in our chapel. Our credentials are unassailable. We are supporters of LGBTQ rights. Period.”

    I almost quit reading again but again I persevered. In the end I found too much virtue signalling by the Rabbi.

    • Alain

      I quit long before you in reading this. I simply do not have the patience for such long winded rubbish. Especially how he really went out of his way to drive home how he was not a Trump supporter, which really had nothing to do with the topic. I agree it was virtue signalling from start to finish (although I confess not having gone to the finish).

    • Waffle

      LOL!!! It wasn’t so much virtue signalling as performing the now mandatory genuflection of Trump denial before seeking to cleanse himself of his past belief in Leftism (is this guy really a Jew?);

      But cleanse himself he does as he dives wholeheartedly into the mikvah with the unbridled enthusiasm of the new convert. Don’t you just love those newbies? I’ve known a few and I don’t think they ever fully get over or abandon certain tenets of their former religion.