Joshua Boyle best known for his link to Khadr family

Joshua Boyle, now free after five years of captivity in Afghanistan, is perhaps best known for his brief marriage to Omar Khadr’s older sister.

What a piece of work…

  • marty_p

    Nobody with half a brain goes on their honeymoon hiking in Afghanistan. (Mind you nobody in their right mind marries Omar Khadr’s sister either).
    The more I listen to/read reports of their alleged “release from the jaws of death by heroic Pakistani commandos” when all 5 family members were being held in the trunk of a car about to be killed… the more this story smells.

    CBC National News last night and today’s Toronto Star and Crescent were gushing over the wonderful family and their “heroic rescue”…
    Every interview with family members that I see/read reinforces my opinion that these people are either incredibly naive/idealistic/stupid or have undisclosed ulterior motives. (The fact that they refused to take the offered US evacuation flight first disclosed as due to a fear of prosecution has now morphed into “they wanted a direct flight to Canada and the US flight had a stopover” Yet the flight they ended up taking has a stopover in London – is a tiny indication that there is more here than the media is reporting).

    $10 says family will immediately file for welfare + find a shyster lawyer to take on a case to sue Canada for not doing enough to facilitate their release + shop for a book/movie/newspaper deal + go after Canada for retroactive Child Benefits.

    Turdeau will be honouring them in Parliament.

    • I concur!

    • Lightstream

      Also, no one who’s seven months pregnant would be hiking around Afghanistan either. I have no pity for either one of them. Only a moron would go anywhere near that area, or any muslim country.

      • Alain

        That is assuming they themselves were not converts at the time. He most certainly was and there is reason to suspect she was also.

  • WalterBannon

    a shame he is free, they should have killed him

  • Shoot. Him.

  • UCSPanther

    That explains why he backpacked into Afghanistan…

  • Tooth&Claw

    She didn’t get raped while in captivity? They were released after five years. Afghanistan wasn’t on their itenerary? She hiked out in the back of beyond pregnant? These people are mushy headed and heavily reliant on luck to get them through life and as bright as teenagers that do illicit substances.
    Or they have an agenda.