It’s Not Just Weinstein — Entertainment Industry Filled With Accused Sex Abusers

It’s not just Harvey Weinstein.

Weinstein is accused of using his powerful position in Hollywood to serially abuse women, particularly models and actresses. At least 20 women have now accused Weinstein, who is a major Demoratic donor and fundraiser, of sexually harassing them. The New Yorker published a bombshell report containing graphic details of Weinstein’s abuse of several women, three of whom accused him of raping them.

That Weinstein was sexually abusive is said to have been an open secret among Hollywood elites.

But Weinstein is far from alone. The entertainment industry is filled with men accused of sex abuse.

  • David Murrell

    Good discussion — but the posted article suffers from the fact that conservative writers are completely outside of the Hollywood party-gossip circuit, and cannot do the investigative digging that the NYT and the New Yorker did. One would like this scandal to be as large and as lengthy as the Catholic church scandals, but the Big Media hates the Catholic church, whereas the symbiosis with the corporate media and Big Hollywood runs deep.

    The only thing that can keep this alive is whether or not the federal Department of Justice can get involved. Congress could also hold hearings..

    • mauser 98

      NYT and the New Yorker are Democrat big media big Hollywood.
      …Harvey must have pissed the wrong guy…must be more to this

      • Marius K

        This is show business. If one have an opportunity to advance by trampling others , politics are of no importance. Being a victim of abuse could be a good publicity and a fashion accessory to wear.

      • Uncommunist

        POTUS Trump ?

    • It is good to see Liberal left hypocrisy laid bare.

  • mauser 98
    • Will Quest

      She more than likely enjoyed her old neglected pussy being grabbed ….

  • Marius K

    It is part of Hollywood culture and all cultures being equal……. /sarc off

  • favill

    The term “casting couch audition” was coined around the same time movies started being made…every actress and probably some actors who became successful in Hollywood got there on their knees and on their backs.

  • J. C.

    RE: The Leno joke;

    That’s why He sent Trump and Bannon – The Lefties lost their minds, allowed their secrets to spill out, and thus, they destroyed themselves… BOO-YAH!!! 😉

  • Norman_In_New_York
    • ntt1

      actually if you read David Niven’s biography’s; “The moons a balloon” and “Bring on the empty horses” with his stories of the early movie business it might well have been worse. The fatty arbuckle scandal blew the lid right off the sleaze but life went on just as it will after the Weinstein excitement dies down,

  • Jabberwokk

    Bill whittle talks about something he calls the iron triangle of the left: the media, Hollywood, and the democratic party. And one by one we are witnessing them fall.

  • This was an open secret that people knew, ignored and now deflect.

    What needs to be done is to hit celebrities in the wallet as it is the only muscle they nurture.

  • DaninVan

    I’m going to play Devil’s Advocate here for a second. You’ll forgive me I hope if I point out that women are their own worst enemy. The ‘net is filled with 100’s of thousands of images of women in everything from pretty decent cheesecake photos to pretty disgusting violent porn. A LOT OF the mid range stuff are selfies shot on smart phones and uploaded. Why do they do it? I just don’t get it.
    What motivates a woman to abandon any shred of self respect and submit a sex tape to the World’s scrutiny?
    How can any wanna-be-starlet head off to Hollywood and not know for an absolute certainty that sex is going to be a BIG part of her ‘career’? Seriously. A Buddhist monk in Tibet understands that.

  • tom_billesley

    “An Open Secret” Amy Berg 2015 documentary, “the movie Hollywood doesn’t want you to see”
    The film, a documentary about the sexual abuse of child actors in the entertainment industry, has struggled to gain distribution, been rejected by numerous festivals and received cuts to excise some of the more litigious content.

    “What you see in the film is the tip of the iceberg”
    The film also explores the case of Marty Weiss, a youth-talent manager who was convicted of two charges against Evan Henzi, who alleged that Weiss assaulted him between 30 and 40 times over a five-year period. Weiss ended up serving just six months in prison.

    • DaninVan

      Tom; The article is from The Guardian. Just out of curiosity, does Britain have a similar problem to Hollywood? Or is it less centralized?

      • ntt1

        worse in a way they had jimmy saville and his connections right into the HIGHEST levels of British Government .

      • tom_billesley

        Britain has the same problem. The BBC is one nexus of abuse.
        (yeah, wikipedia, I know)

  • Justin St.Denis

    Throughout my career, it was well known in the various communications sectors within which I laboured that the CBC was/is similarly sexually corrupted. Back in the 1970s, it was impossible to get hired if you were a straight male. That held through to about 1985 or so, then the stories from female colleagues began to emerge about sex and drugs. CBC stayed on the “sex & drugs” course through to about the new Millennium. I think that is when Gian Ghomeshi and his ilk settled in and nested. The CBC is still a fuck-for-bucks operation at more than one level. That’s why it’s so very bad. Or perhaps Canadians have absolutely no broadcasting talent. Then I remember the Kids In The Hall.