France: Facebook Islamists Hunt in Packs

Fatiha Boudjalat, the co-founder of the secularist movement Viv(r)e la République, is a prominent figure of anti-Islamism in France. She is interviewed regularly on television and radio, and her op-eds are regularly published in Le Figaro. Recently, on Facebook, Boudjalat criticized strongly an Islamist government employee, Sonia Nour, for calling the Tunisian Islamist murderer of two women in Marseille, a “martyr”. A few weeks after that, Boudjalat’s Facebook account was deleted.

She is not alone in having been targeted by Islamists on Facebook. Leila Ourzik, an artist who lives in Grigny, a predominantly Muslim suburb not far from Paris, is a Muslim who eats and drinks openly during Ramadan and resists wearing the Islamic veil. Because of her un-Islamic behavior, she is openly insulted and threatened daily, as well as on social networks. On Facebook, Ourzik became a target. Islamists harassed her with insults and threats, posted her picture on pornography websites, and finally succeeded in obtaining the deletion of her account on Facebook. Suddenly, without warning, her Facebook account was shut. “Not once, many times” she says to Gatestone. Why? “I do not know, they never tell you. But one day, it is over, everything is deleted”.

  • tom_billesley

    Is Zuckerberg going to change the name from Facebook to Veilbook?

    • Drunk by Noon ✓

      The new name will be “shut up slave!”
      You pick basic attributes for your online avatar to possess (scary, sporty, or posh) and then Facebook will automatically generate content that is far more exciting than your real dreary life.
      Their motto of “you will look 10-years younger, and 25-pounds lighter” will have people signing up in droves.

  • k1992

    People who love freedom and democracy really don’t have much of a chance until the power of Facebook, Twitter, Google and the like, is somehow broken. Whether through competition, lawfare … but somehow, they must be reined in.

  • Old Guy

    Will Trump intervene or not?

    Steve Bannon Wants Google, Facebook to Be Regulated Like Utilities