Father of freed Taliban hostage lashes out at her ‘unconscionable’ Canadian husband for taking her to Afghanistan

The father of freed Taliban hostage Caitlan Coleman has blamed her Canadian husband for her kidnapping five years ago.

Jim Coleman said it was ‘unconscionable’ for son-in-law Joshua Boyle to take Caitlan to Kabul, Afghanistan, without telling either of their families when she was five-months pregnant in 2012.

‘What I can say is taking your pregnant wife to a very dangerous place, to me, the kind of person that I am, is unconscionable,’ he told Good Morning America on Friday, a day after the pair were rescued along with the three children they had in captivity.

Coleman, who lives in Stewartstown, Pennsylvania, also criticized Boyle, 34, for refusing to board a C-130 US military plane which was ready to take them home on Thursday.