Clumsy French spy sends text message to the radical Islamist he was keeping tabs on

A member of the French intelligence services has landed himself in hot water after sending a text message containing information on a radical Islamist he was spying on, to the target himself.

Anyone who has accidently sent a text message to the wrong person might have some sympathy with a member of the French intelligent services who landed himself in trouble with his bosses this week.

The man, who works for the central territorial intelligence services (SCRT) had been keeping tabs on a suspected Islamist extremist.

  • Clink9

    Not now Kato!!!

  • DavidinNorthBurnaby

    Best to just have a sniper take out the POS and never mind keeping tabs on him. Especially if you’re going to have a Frenchie do it.

    • There gonna need a lot of snipers. Expect a much larger much more violent “Catalonia” in France.

  • Watchman

    Was this French ‘Intelligence Agent’ one of their affirmative-action hires straight out of one of the immigrant banlieues? We can only imagine what an ‘accidental’ text message would then contain.

    Around the world police and intelligence services are targeted for infiltration by foreign agents and gangs for precisely knowing if they are under investigation.

    • I would not be surprised.

    • DavidinNorthBurnaby

      “Around the world police … are targeted for infiltration by … gangs for precisely knowing if they are under investigation.”
      When former BC Premier Glenn Clark was under investigation by VPD for his involvement with the HA at the North Burnaby Inn, VPD kept any knowledge of the operation from Burnaby RCMP because they knew that HA would know anything Burnaby RCMP knew 5 minutes later. This went down the media memory hole faster than you can say “scared shitless.”

  • shasta

    Kind of stretching the meaning of the word “intelligence” are they not?

  • Alain

    This was no mistake. Having got caught caused the claim of it having been a mistake. Dimes to doughnuts this “intelligence” agent is a Muslim.

  • Oops.