Why It’s Cruel And Stupid To Politicize Marriage And Hard Work As ‘Racism’

These law-school faculty prove the Left has become so Puritanical and rigid that any positive reflection on the post-war period is immediately ‘racist.’ This isn’t history—it’s religion.

Thirty-three professors at the University of Pennsylvania’s Law School have lost their minds in response to their colleague Amy Wax, who published a piece stating something apparently atrocious: Culture matters for human flourishing.

In response to this simple claim, the university erupted in petitionscondemnation, and a spluttering of essays that accomplish very little apart from signaling leftward piety (hereherehere, and here). These precious articles represent the academy’s bad-faith efforts to traduce one of few un-silent conservatives on campus, symptomatic of the intellectual dilapidation in the modern academy.

  • These “educated” clowns are the reason Trump won.

    May they ron in their pseudo intellectual garbage.

  • The Amy Wax & Larry Alexander article (above) absolutely nails the reality dogma problem liberals have. Well worth a read.

  • Hard Little Machine

    How on earth do these places continue to teach the law? Where does the time come from? Do people still take the Pennsylvania Bar? Do they pass?