Usual suspects shocked and appalled RCMP dared ask illegal alien invaders questions about Islamic cult

RCMP officers screened Quebec border crossers on religion and values, questionnaire shows

RCMP officers have been screening Muslim refugee claimants entering from the U.S. at Quebec’s Roxham Rd. crossing, asking how they feel about women who do not wear the hijab, how many times they pray, and their opinion about the Taliban and the Islamic State, a questionnaire obtained by the Star shows.

The 41 questions appear to specifically target Muslims, as no other religious practices are mentioned, nor terrorist groups with non-Muslim members.

Oh the horror! The RCMP was doing its job! But don’t worry! The Islamic Liberal Party of Canada has already banned the practice, after all your safety is not a concern.

h/t MP

  • Veracious_one

    ask the questions with a lie detector machine…..

    • A faulty one that gives electric shocks.

      • Exile1981

        lethal current if you lie.

  • Dana Garcia

    Isn’t protecting the citizens Job #1 of the government??

    Liberals have a different idea, in particular that there is no such thing as historic enemies.

    • Justin and his fellow travelers are drunk on Kool-Aid. They believe they exist on a higher moral plain than we mere mortals and therefore always know what is best for the rest of us no matter how stupid and evil the outcome of their wish-dreams.

      • Dana Garcia

        Yes indeedy, and global diversity is the highest good — the nation state is so 20th century.

    • Jay Harper

      Taxation is the #1 job of Gevernment

  • ontario john

    That’s right, now the Mounties can concentrate on carrying terrorist luggage across the border. Thankyou Justin.

  • marty_p

    They could have reduced the Mo questionaire to one question:
    What do you think about Jews?

  • ontario john

    Well at least we know that when a muslim shows up at the border waving an ISIS flag and carrying a machete, they won’t be confronted with any judgemental views by the RCMP,

  • andycanuck

    Clearly racism as they didn’t ask any of the Haitians about zombies!

  • Jay Harper

    All these questions will do is weed out the stupid ones.

  • K1

    It is NOT going to work.
    Nice try though.
    Takkiya takkiya takkiya
    …actually it is racist not take the Koran as it is written because Muslims do not recognize the EXTREME SPIN that people like Irshad Manji put on it

  • How many cops will be run down and shot if they don’t ask these questions?

    Self-interest, is my point.