Terrorism threatens Canada

Terrorism is a threat to Canada’s national security, one that Canadians and their government should discuss openly and rationally.

Last month, Edmonton was rocked by apparent terrorist attacks allegedly perpetrated by a Somali refugee. Police allege that Abdulahi Hasan Sharif used a car to ram a peace officer at a traffic checkpoint outside of Commonwealth Stadium on Sept. 30. The officer, Const. Michael Chernyk, was thrown into the air before hitting the pavement.

Video footage of the incident shows the driver exiting the vehicle and pouncing on the fallen Chernyk, repeatedly stabbing him. Incredibly, Chernyk fought off his would-be assassin. No match for the injured Chernyk, the attacker fled on foot.

  • ontario john

    The trouble is, Liberal politicians and the elites that control the media don’t actually give a shit about ordinary Canadians. They live in their little privileged, socialist fantasy lands, coming up with new ways to promote their selfish agendas. Whether its ignoring terrorist islamic threats, or economic issues. Trump made a great offer to have a bilateral relationship with Canada, which would mean jobs would stop flowing to Mexico, but Trudeau will have nothing to do with that. And provincially Wynne has just blown one and half million dollars last year on renovations to a tree seed plant in Angus Ont., and is now closing it down. Canadian politicians don’t care about our security, jobs, or money.

    • Bla Bla

      Within a decade, Canadians will be no different from north koreans – scared, starving, and oppressed by their new masters. That is our eventual destination with this current crop of treasonous bastards elected to rule over us.

  • Alain

    When you open your door and invite in all the mad dogs, it is no surprise when they start attacking all the residents of the same house. Canada’s door has been left open by both the Liberals and CPC with the only difference being the latest Liberals announcing to the world that they invite al the mad dogs to feel free to come.

  • The Air India bombing is barely a blip on the Canadian consciousness. So far, it is the largest mass causality terrorist act in Canadian history to date. We have had several near-misses and all people can muster out of it all is a few head-shakes and some candlelight vigils.

    No one in this country is serious about this, now or ever.