Mandalay worker saw shot security guard, warned of gunman before massacre as questions mount about police response time

A maintenance worker said Wednesday he told hotel dispatchers to call police and report a gunman had opened fire with a rifle inside Mandalay Bay before the shooter began firing from his high-rise suite into a crowd at a nearby musical performance.

The revised timeline has renewed questions about whether better communication might have allowed police to respond more quickly and take out the gunman before he committed the deadliest mass shooting in modern US history.

Worker Stephen Schuck told NBC News that he was checking out a report of a jammed fire door on the 32nd floor of Mandalay Bay when he heard gunshots and hotel security guard, Jesus Campos, who had been shot in the leg, peeked out from an alcove and told him to take cover.

  • Liberal Progressive

    You mustn’t question the police on this as they are doing their very best for society.

    The only possible answer that makes sense and is acceptable is that Stephen Paddock must have been a member of a dangerous right wing group that wanted to undermine our society. So for the safety of all we need our security agencies to be moving all of their resources into monitoring anybody who expresses possible right wing viewpoints.

  • Cat-astrophe
    Time to call in the experts. I give the audience 30 minuets to have the truth figured out.

  • Old Guy

    What investigation? Given the information that’s come out thus far it looks like “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.”

  • Exile1981

    The police response was 61 minutes after shooting stopped.