Formby dad fighting ISIS on Syria front line: ‘I’m no terrorist’

A dad from Merseyside says he travelled to Syria because he wants to be on the frontline of the fight against Islamic State terrorists.

Aidan James said he is willing to die to protect people from the barbaric jihadists – both in the Middle East and in the UK.

But the 27-year-old fears British security services now class him as a terrorist and that he could be arrested should he return home.

  • ontario john

    Meanwhile here in Sunny Ways Canada, I just heard our Public Safety Minister on the CBC state that all notes and information collected by the RCMP will be destroyed. As he put it, no questions will be tolerated regarding the religion or values of the migrants(terrorists) crossing the border. He also hinted that the RCMP officers will be punished. .

    • Alain

      Will they be destroyed like the RCMP destroyed the records from the gun registry? The defied the law on guns, but I suspect they’ll be happy to go along with this.

      • Watchman

        Only dangerous immigrants will have both their immigration application records and their firearms records destroyed. The authorities don’t want any paper trails. Everyone else will have their firearms records permanently kept because nobody will be asking inconvenient questions about late abiding owners.

    • Watchman

      It’s to protect the RCMP and government from Freedom of Information requests when an obviously dangerous immigrant is allowed through regardless of the flashing lights and warning lights that should have not only caused instant rejection of the applicant, but probably investigation of war crimes. As usual, it’s to protect those in charge, so there is no evidence that contradicts a later claim that they had no idea about some immigrant.

  • The Buddhist Butterfly

    ISIS fighters will get $10.5 million dollars and therapy. Fighters against ISIS will get 10.5 years in jail.

  • Dave

    Stay away! Britain, france, germany, sweden are all done. You may want to look to the eastern european countries. It seems their leaders are the only ones will to stand up FOR their citizens. Unlike the f*cktards in the aforementioned countries. Canuckistan too.