Canadian terror suspect dead or alive? Confusion hampers resolution of media fight

Confusion over whether an accused Canadian terrorist is dead or not is hampering efforts to resolve a legal battle over police demand for a journalist’s background materials, a request that has alarmed media-rights groups.

Federal prosecutors and the RCMP are holding fast to a production order that a Vice Media reporter produce information related to his interviews with Farah Shirdon, a Calgary man who is charged in absentia with various terrorism-related offences.

Vice Media is currently seeking leave to appeal the RCMP’s demand to the Supreme Court of Canada, arguing among other things that it infringes on media freedom and could make it harder for journalists to access sources.

  • Gary

    Liberals will lose their islamophilia once Canada joins the UN list for ‘Terrorist Producing Nations ‘ .
    If you never thought that the USA would tighten up the Canadian border…….you just might be a Liberal.
    If you never thought that Public schools would have a mosque in them……you just might be a Liberal.

    • I hope he died a prolonged terrible painful death.

  • Alain

    As usual the MSM aiding and abetting the enemy, which makes them also the enemy.

  • Uncommunist

    I volunteer to waterboard all of the staff at vice media. Thank-you. For Canada !