Berlin Christmas market attack: Inquiry accuses police of ‘sloppiness’ in Anis Amri case

Almost a year after Anis Amri drove a truck into a Berlin Christmas market, startling police “failures” in the case have come to light. An investigator said he could not fathom why the killer was not under surveillance.

  • simus1

    Well the police are at fault. Quel surpris!
    Perhaps if the cowardly vote whores like die merkelbeest &Co got involved and opened a few deportation and detention camps for five or ten thousand of these feral muslim animals, the swamped police and security agencies would get the impression the VWs were serious. Then they could spend less time chasing ttheir tails and concentrate on the new terrorist/ criminal threats arriving every day who arrive in their thousands with minimal reliable papers and histories.

  • Watchman

    Unfortunately to keep someone under surveillance full time requires at least 4 people for every person under surveillance. This means that if we make an assumption that we are paying these watchers average German wages of €45000 per year, then the total wages would then be €180000 (≈US$219,000) per year. To that you have to add all the costs of employing these people, surveillance equipment, vehicles, managers, offices, etc, etc.

    To fully surveil 1,000,000 ‘refugees’ you are going to require at least another 4,000,000 staff and at least US$219 billion per year. There are many more refugees in Germany than just 1 million.

    Maybe they could get the lowest risk ‘refugees’ and pay them to watch the highest risk ‘refugees’ – if they had any clue who the low and high risk ‘refugees’ actually were – or whether even the low risk ‘refugees’ could be trusted.

    A very scary thing is that I could not find any figures for the total number of ‘refugees’ living in Germany which means they don’t know, or they don’t want people to find out.

    • simus1

      The bureaucrat empire builders of Germany are quite content to demand ever more lavish funding and moan about “shortages” of manpower and equipment that impede their stalwart unceasing efforts to keep the country safe. The fact that half witted policies agreed to at the top are a formula for disaster does not bother them in the least.

  • Because Europe.

    That is why he was not surveilled.