Ann Coulter: Media Begging Us for Conspiracy Theories on Las Vegas

Now the media are just taunting us with their tall tales about Stephen Paddock, the alleged Las Vegas shooter. Reputedly serious news organizations are claiming that he made a living playing video poker. That’s like claiming someone made a living smoking crack.

The media are either doing PR for the gambling industry or they don’t want anyone considering the possibility that Paddock was using gambling to launder money.

We know that Paddock had cameras in the room but all we know from the police is that they weren’t recording when they secured the suite… ISIS jihadi site claims Amaq, the official ISIS news agency, has video of Paddock, Vegas


Mandalay Bay staffers didn’t call cops after security guard was shot

Hotel staffers at the Mandalay Bay did not call Las Vegas police until after Stephen Paddock started his mass shooting spree, according to phone records.

An anonymous source who has reviewed the records told ABC’s “World News Tonight” that employees initially refused to alert authorities — even after security guard Jesus Campos took a bullet to the leg.

Campos reportedly alerted his superiors and informed them about Paddock after being shot by him, but strangely, nobody called the cops, the source said.

  • Jabberwokk

    Human incompetence strikes again.

    • Something is up.

      • Jabberwokk

        Is it? Or do we just really want there to be. We’ve been so doused in the daily bullshit can we recognize when WE lie to ourselves just to put another feather in our hat? Maybe it’s Islam for the millionth time, Lord knows it would be typical, or maybe that London think tank that e-mailed mark steyn is right on the money.

        • K1

          Well the MAFIA… like to get LONE GUYS to bump off people ie Kennedy

    • Alain

      Not incompetence but a major cover-up.

  • David Murrell

    Partly off topic, but I was scanning the today’s reports from my brokerage company — and one item stated that stock prices from the U.S. media companies are all down, for the last two months. Comcast and Disney make up 40% of the media index, and both have gone south. I do not have any media companies in my 18-company portfolio.

    • K1

      Well that is because they are looking at a steep Royalty PAY-OUT !!!!!
      …toooooo…. little ol’ meeeeeeeeeeeee
      I am the muse for a fair bit I must saaaaaayyyyyyyy

  • robins111

    The reality is, they are not simple mistakes in timing or who did this/ that. The story coming out, is likened to a Ski Resort snowblower blasting bullshit everywhere.

    • Alain

      Indeed. Even a simple thing such as claiming he only checked in on the 28th when bar and room service receipts confirm that he checked in and was there on the 25th.

  • simus1

    You might think that a security guard working in a Las Vegas gambling palace would be equipped with some sort of apparatus that in an emergency could be used to call 911 and his security ops room AT THE SAME TIME ON THE SAME LINE.
    But that is just me.

  • kappykarl

    wow, this is interesting. my friend said right after it happened that this was money laundering for the casinos. it’s weird cuz he’s always the canary in the coal mine.

    • Alain

      How about money laundering for Islamic terrorists.