‘Suicidal’ Harvey Weinstein begs stranger for a ride… no molestation occurred!

Harvey on the run – protect your animals!

‘Suicidal’ Harvey Weinstein begs stranger for a ride while trying to flee his daughter’s home, leading LAPD to visit and make sure ‘depressed mogul does not harm himself’

Harvey Weinstein reportedly chased down a random driver to see if he could get a ride in their car after arguing with his daughter on Wednesday.

TMZ reports that the disgraced movie mogul was heard screaming out just before he tried to flag down the vehicle: ‘You’re making it worse.’

Weinstein was at the Los Angeles home of his daughter, who was eventually able to persuade her father back inside the house.

Members of the Los Angeles Police Department arrived a short while after that, and said they were responding to a report from Lily that her father was ‘suicidal and depressed.’

  • Ed

    “…Weinstein was at the Los Angeles home of his daughter…”

    Reminds of that old line… “Get off me Dad, you’re crushing my smokes!”

  • andycanuck

    I predict a “three-shots to the back of the head” suicide in Mr Weinstein’s future.

    • felis gracilis

      Because he knows too much about certain Democraps to whom he made donations?

      • andycanuck

        Yes, both through guilt by association, and outright corruption like DA Vance Jr. who took bribes not to charge him.

    • DMB

      Yes it will be very convenient for the Democratic’s.

  • simus1

    Poor guy. Has he run out of “medicine” already?

  • Drunk by Noon ✓

    I bet old Harvey didn’t anticipate how this week has turned out.
    Now would be a good time for him to have a heart attack.

  • Hard Little Machine

    He’ll be fine. A billion dollars to soften the blow.

    • DVult

      Handsome guy like that should have had no trouble charming the ladies.

  • BeukendaalMason

    Oh common! No White Bronco available?

  • BillyHW

    I thought he went to Europe for rehab.

    • Watchman

      The old “Roman Polanski Gambit”?

      • DaninVan

        Was that a question, Watchman?
        Polanski was being charged with rape for allegedly diddling underage girls; he fled to Europe to avoid trial.

    • Millie_Woods

      I thought he went for a sex change because he wanted a set of knockers he could fondle without getting in trouble.

  • canminuteman

    This is where he acts crazy to bolster his insanity defence.

    • Will Quest

      A syphilitic mind on the loose …. a typical occurrence in Gollywoo …..

  • Millie_Woods

    This has been going on in Hollywood ever since the first bimbo aspired to stardom. Now it’s a problem? Harvey must have done something to piss off someone yuge.

  • “Suicidal”?

    Let’s can the pity for this creep and his enablers.

  • DMB