Somali Charged in Canada Attack Likely Claimed ‘Credible Fear’ in the U.S.

On April 19, 2017, the Center published my report on “Fraud in the Credible Fear Process“, which began:

Since the 2016 presidential campaign, significant attention has been focused on refugees to the United States and the potential dangers that they may pose. Scarce attention has been directed to aliens in expedited removal proceedings with “credible fear” claims, even though they may pose a greater risk to the United States than potential refugees.

Unlike refugees, who are screened before coming to the United States and can be denied refugee status before they enter this country, aliens who enter illegally and claim a “credible fear” of persecution have not been screened before physically entering the United States; as explained below, the process for screening those individuals after they enter the United States is vulnerable to fraud and abuse.

The danger that I warned of appears to have cropped up in an unlikely place: Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. But, the alien charged in a rampage there almost definitely abused the credible fear process in the United States to make his way north.

  • And yet he was turned out of the US.

    So why did Canada take him in?

    • Because our political class are idiots.

      • That would do it.

      • felis gracilis

        …and their idiocy is enabled and multiplied by our irresponsible media and academia.

  • Dana Garcia

    Yep, America is a mean nasty place where diverse people like Somalis would feel unwelcome. Better not come here.

  • Refugee Claimant

    I have a credible fear that the free benefits I have been getting in the USA are much less that those I can get in Canada!

  • Alain

    We certainly have a record for accepting whatever claim is made, take Arar for example.