Italian Interior Minister Says Ban on Islamic Law ‘Non-Negotiable’

“It is not possible to subject our country to a jurisdiction marked by religious radicalism,” said Italian Interior Minister Marco Minniti on Sunday, stressing that there can be no question of allowing sharia law a foothold in Italy.

“Whoever looks to sharia law must understand that it won’t happen in Italy,” Minniti told an assembly at the School of Democracy in the northern Italian city of Aosta, adding that “on this question there can be no middle ground since these values are non-negotiable.”

  • Your Muslim interlopers do not want to “negotiate” Sharia Law.

    They intend to impose it on you.

    What do you think happened to the Buddhists of Afghanistan?

    • Oh they’ll play the victimhood card and the human rights card and the interfaith dialogue card etc for as long as it takes.

      • bob e

        repulsive ..

  • favill

    All the Muslims have to do is keep having more babies than the Italians and in 15 yrs or less…they’ll just vote in Sharia Law. Weren’t there Islamic Parties running in some European countries’ elections recently? As the Quebecois used to say (before it became secular) “La revanche de la crèche”.

    • All true.

    • Marius K

      It has been tried in Kosovo.

      • favill

        I believe the municipal council of Dearborn, Michigan is majority Muslim. There’s a video of one of their council meetings (no joke).

        • k1962

          and Hamtramck, Michigan.

    • M1 – Shut down the mosques.

      M2 – Arrest the mullahs.

      M3 – Follow, and confiscate, all jihad money back to its source.

  • Martin B

    Sounds like someone didn’t drink his cyanide.

    • Wouldn’t it be nice if Canada had such politicians.

      • occupant 9

        Well, safe to say this Italian politician could NEVER be a Liberal or lead “Canada”.

  • bob e

    Italy keeps getting worse. I thought France was gonna be the first to
    start butchering these pests but not sure anymore. It’s just gonna take
    one spark & KABOOM !! cause this can’t go on ..

  • jayme

    Some interesting and recent videos over at Vlad Tepes from Italian politicians; Italy (or at least, Northern Italy) seems to be waking up.

  • Bless his heart