Israel hacked Kaspersky, then tipped the NSA that its tools had been breached

In 2015, Israeli government hackers saw something suspicious in the computers of a Moscow-based cybersecurity firm: hacking tools that could only have come from the National Security Agency.

Israel notified the NSA, where alarmed officials immediately began a hunt for the breach, according to people familiar with the matter, who said an investigation by the agency revealed that the tools were in the possession of the Russian government.

  • Ego

    So it’s been 2 years now.
    Anybody jailed yet?
    If this is the National SECURITY Agency, we are fckd.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    Another reason why we should treat Israel as close an ally as Britain was during World War II. Back then, the British invented radar and built the first computer. Recently, the Jerusalem Post related that the Defense Ministry is recruiting high school students for cyber warfare (and future lucrative employment), something I don’t see happening here or elsewhere in the West.

  • I trust this isn’t just somebody getting on the “Russia-bashing”
    bandwagon. Kaspersky is one of the top anti-virus companies in the
    world — has a good reputation in the tech world. And Wikileaks
    released a treasure trove of leaked NSA hacking tools last year, dozens
    — it was headlines for days (although I don’t think they were the same

    Let’s face it, cyber security with the Obama
    administration and the Dems was so lax that it was an open invitation to
    the world (friend and foe) for free pickins. Meanwhile there are
    supposedly 10,000 (ten thousand) Chinese spies roaming the U.S. and you
    never hear a peep about it.