Grocery chain Lidl accused of kowtowing to Muslims by airbrushing crosses from ad featuring historic Italian church

The supermarket chain Lidl has been accused of airbrushing out crosses from a historic church in Italy so as not to offend its non-Christian customers.

The case follows a similar controversy last month involving packaging for a range of Greek food in which the crosses on top of a blue-domed church on the Greek island of Santorini were removed by the German-owned chain.

The latest row involves the Church of Sant’Antonio Abate in the picturesque village of Dolceacqua in the northwestern region of Liguria.

  • Allan

    Mustn’t EVER offend Muslims, but Christians, meh. After all Muslims can’t seem to control themselves when they get “offended”, they start rioting instead of just shaking it off. Meanwhile thousands of Christians are permanently “offended”, in the Middle East by being murdered. Good thinking Lidl. Way to go, you morons.

  • DaninVan


    • Starlord

      Fucktardery asshattery!

  • simus1

    Still can’t figure out how people like these and die Merkelbeest won World War 2.5

  • Editor

    Kissing their future demographic’s as* while ignoring their past and current one. Maybe native Germans should just take their business elsewhere. Although they apparently tolerate murder, rape and all manner of assaults so I doubt they’ll mobilize for this.

  • Starlord

    If your triggered by a picture of a cross then your religion is very weak and for the weak minded. This Islamic culture is so fucking sad and fragile one has to be insane to believe / follow it.

  • Surele Surele

    (not really OT) in similar vein.
    Christie Blatchford

    (If there were any doubt, there is no more: Canada is
    the stupidest country ever. The evidence, already all around, is now

  • Hard Little Machine

    They’re building one in Raleigh, NC. About a mile north of a Harris Teeter and a mile south of an Aldi. I wonder if they’ll have a special Halal section.

  • It’s like Lidl wants to go out of business.

  • cdajoe

    This is the second time they’ve been caught doing this

  • Dave

    Simple. Boycott. Let them sink or swim with their islami customers.