Don’t be surprised by Liberal taxation hypocrisy

On the heels of pummelling small business with higher taxes, Justin Trudeau’s Liberals backed away Tuesday from targeting a new category of apparent cheats — low-income retail workers.

This latest Liberal tax mess comes courtesy of a plan by the Canada Revenue Agency to tax employee discounts.

So for example, a minimum-wage retail restaurant worker entitled to a free meal during a shift, or the clerk who gets discounted clothing from an employer suddenly swung into the tax-man’s cross-hairs.

  • ontario john

    According to the media, it will come down to who has the nicest hair. Feminist Trudeau or socialist NDP leader.

  • Brett McS

    Leftist governments always need more revenue.

  • Liberal Progressive

    Even the working poor need to pay their share to fight Global Warming or the whole world will be destroyed and major cities like Toronto flooded any day now!

  • marty_p

    So I guess taxing Timbits so Mohammed could get a free Canada Goose jacket is off the table.

    • Waffle

      Not really — the announcement did not go through the proper spin cycle so some hapless CRA ‘crat will be assigned to civil servant purdah for the rest of his/her working life — no adancement as they can’t be fired;

      • Mr. Meow

        That’s my take. Looks like they’re starting to back-peddle on this one. It makes you wonder what brain trust in the government actually thought this would go over well. And as for the civil servant: he /she WILL be promoted to his/her next level of incompetence and given a bonus and an award. That’s (believe or not) what happened to the gang of retards who implement the Phoenix pay system (no foolin’).

    • shasta

      I see that Quaker oats is giving free coats to mooselimb invaders now.

  • Jay Harper

    The official Opposition needs to propose a tax that hits Trust Funds, or anything else that PM Zoolander uses to hide HIS money.

  • Chris

    Why is anyone surprised when a morally and financial bankrupt government tries to tax anything that moves? Justin’s puppet-masters have been told that they are out of money and are in danger of not being able to import more permanent Liberal voters and are now trying to do everything possible (except cutting spending because only the evil conservatives do that) to get more funds.
    The old saying is proving very true, you get the government you deserve. BC has gone full retard, AB is mired in progressive hell, ON has started to attack the wimp Brown ensuring a nice quiet NDP victory next year, QB and the maritimes are screwed, and prime minister sock puppet rules from his imaginary ivory tower. I honestly don’t think that Canada can survive this and remain in any form that we will be able to recognize.

    • J. C.

      ” I honestly don’t think that Canada can survive this and remain in any form that we will be able to recognize.”

      If we, the citizens of Canada, are to survive then the country has to splinter. If Canada ceases to exist, then Justin no longer has any control over us… Our only other option is armed revolt.

      • Chris

        The only province that might go the path of open revolt is AB and the Laurentien elite will never allow the cash cow to leave the farm so the military will be called in. Would that spark the rest of the country into action or have we been completely lulled by the lib media?

        • J. C.

          Many have been lulled, but some may wake up when their daughters start getting raped by the ‘newcomers’…

  • ontario john

    But the Liberals care about our money. Look how much they are saving by purchasing those used fighter jets from Australia. Isn’t a few dead pilots from second hand jets, worth the money saved to feed muslims in Burma?

    • DaninVan

      OJ; oh great. Like we didn’t learn our lesson buying those Brit used diesel subs.
      I hate to admit it but Oz is giving Boeing the shaft…

      Seems like a better idea than buying scrap metal.

      • ontario john

        I can remember when Canada bought used fighter jets from the States. They killed so many pilots that we ended up selling them to Turkey, which ended up killing a lot of Turkish pilots.

    • Marius K

      Don’t forget about gender equality in Jordan, fighting global warming in few African countries and abortion access in Asia.

  • You mean they moved the way the wind blew.

    Who voted for this garbage again?