British ISIS recruiter Sally Jones is killed in Syria: ‘White Widow’ dies in US Predator drone strike

British jihadist Sally Jones has been killed in a US drone strike, according to a report.

The onetime punk rocker from Kent fled to Syria with her son in 2013.

But now – according to The Sun – she has been killed close to the Iraq-Syria border by an American aircraft.

Considered Britain’s most-wanted woman, Jones – also known as the White Widow – was a recruiter for Islamic State.

  • Red-Pilled Conservative

    Boom! Nothin’ but net!

  • Clink9

    I have looked everywhere but could not find one shit to give
    Not sorry

    • k2

      I regret that this bitch didn’t have a harder death – she got off lightly. But there, dead is dead.

    • Ran out months ago.

  • Drunk by Noon ✓

    I hope she’s really dead this time.

  • If so, Christmas has come early.

    • Mal

      While it’s nice to hear that one of the items on your Christmas wish list is crossed through, my list seems to be lengthening, Osumashi. Not from greed, as such; but from a slower delivery service than I’d prefer.
      Congratulations on your early prezzie, though, missus!

      • Merci.

        And remember – Christmas miracles DO happen. 🙂

        • David Murrell

          BCF’s post is a good news post, to be sure.

  • xavier

    Good. I hope she screamed on horror when shecsawxthecmissile inevitablely steamed in horror. And the Brits gave her the finger.

  • DaninVan
    Don’t know about anyone else but I’m grabbing a brewski and toasting her demise.
    “Buhbye, bitch…”

  • J. C.
  • Clausewitz

    I was feeling kinda down today, this just picked up my spirits to no end. Winning…

  • Maggat

    Hey Drone, good shooting and all the best for a job well done.

  • Alain

    I really hope this is true and also hope she experienced an agonising death.

  • WalterBannon


    hope her son got snuffed too

  • Nermal

    Gotta love those Predators.

  • Barrington Minge

    Hope her death was painful and bloody. Sympathy? None!!!!