Bill Smith accuses Nenshi of playing the race card in a bid to stir up support

The story starts with a short video featuring Nenshi. It was on Facebook this past long weekend.

It’s not there now.

Most Calgarians didn’t likely see it while it was up.

They were busy with the turkey on the dinner table, not with any and all turkeys who might be gobbling on the less appetizing political menu.

On the video, Nenshi urges his audience to get out and vote. It is a message for Calgary’s Pakistani community.

Nenshi says the election is “very, very tight.”

The mayor says forces out there supporting his opponents really want Calgary to “go backwards” and don’t want a city “so inclusive of everyone.”

Who are these forces?

They are wastes of skin who go on the Internet and barf up their hatred. They are a small number, worthy of condemnation.

Nenshi points to these stooges, the ones he says support other candidates.

He tells the Pakistani community, these trolls who back other candidates are getting individuals who might be racists and haters out to vote.

So they must get themselves and others out to vote, presumably for Nenshi.

Gee, why wouldn’t Calgary want to be just like Pakistan?