UK must act against race inequality, Theresa May says

The prime minister says institutions must “explain or change” any variations when data is released later on Tuesday.

It is expected to show unemployment for black, Asian and minority ethnic people at nearly double that of white British adults, and disparity in who owns their own home.

  • Starlord

    1. You can’t make welfare parasites work…
    2. You let in fucking idiots. Idiots can’t find work since they are uneducated, lazy and culturalLy have barriers holding them back.
    3. You let in fucking idiots en masse.

  • simus1

    The Bolshevik Bullshit Commune always has all the answers. The should take over the Labour Party and show us how it is so simple when brilliant people rule over us.

  • Editor

    As always, she makes no distinction between equality of opportunity and equality of outcome. What if, as Starlord suggests, the black and asian communities don’t want to work and prefer playing the welfare system like a Stradivarius.

    • Observer

      Next they will be complaining about the much higher rate of prison incarceration of Muslims and claim it is due to Islamophobia and not criminality.

      These politicians will do anything to pander for votes.

  • favill

    When one consciously elects to be on welfare (and stays on it)…there’s nothing that can be done. Allowing people who do not speak the language, have no employable skills, have no desire to become part of the larger society and hold a world view that is diametrically opposed to Western thought makes one wonder if the elites who allowed this to occur were/are working towards something more nefarious or if they’re totally stupid. Since extremely rich people no matter which country they live in or come from have pretty homogenous lives (laws don’t apply to them, they’re protected 24/7 by men with guns, they can have anything they want, and because of their wealth they can go anywhere in the world and be accepted by that country’s elite)….it’s the middle class and poor that have to deal with the huge changes wrought upon them.

    • simus1

      Years ago during a mail strike welfare checks were brought to various locations for pick up. Over half the “desperately poor” never bothered to pick up their money – to underline the obvious, most of them must have had jobs they could not leave during the day. The only followup in the press was the fact that one family, husband, wife, adult son, all employed and living at one address , each had a welfare check in their name going to another different address ………………………….

      • Watchman

        When I was much younger I had a friend who worked for a government organisation that disbursed unemployment payments. One of his jobs was to contact people to see if they were still unemployed, usually by phoning them during working hours. Quite a significant proportion were never home (days before cellular phones), or their mothers would answer and say that the ‘unemployed’ person would not be home until sometime after 6:00PM, or that she didn’t know whether her child was still unemployed and would have to ask them.

  • ed

    you cannot polish third world DNA no matter how hard you try [ ed uk ]

    • favill

      I would suggest that once upon a time, when there were stringent requirements to get into Canada, it didn’t matter what part of the world one was from. My family came from a Third World, non-white country–both my parents spoke, read, wrote English fluently and were university/college graduates. My father was an accountant and had employment as an accountant from 1973 until his retirement 35 years later as his company’s comptroller. My mother worked full-time as a program coordinator at an advertising agency (it started out as Ross Roy Canada) for Chrysler Canada until her retirement. One sister is a teacher, another is highly paid pharmaceutical rep for an American-based company (but lives in Canada), my brother is a bureaucrat for the Federal Government and I’m on my last legs, after 32 years, as an officer in the Canadian Armed Forces. None of us have ever been on welfare and all four of us children were expected to work part-time jobs from the age of 16 (or younger in my brother’s case he was 14) and do really well in school ( a “B” was considered an “F” in my parents’ eyes). My grades were good enough that I was able to gain early acceptance to RMC before the end of the first semester in grade 13 with the caveat that I did well on the rest of my courses in second semester (Those courses were Grade 13 calculus, algebra, functions & relations, chemistry, biology, and English). So, please do not make sweeping assertions that all Third Worlders are of low quality (intelligence/drive to succeed). One of the women of Indian descent with whom I attended grade school and high school is a practicing doctor (educated in Canada) in Toronto. However, I would suggest there were less of us with “exotic” skin colouration when I was going to school in the early 70’s to the mid-80s than there is today.

      • simus1

        I salute your wonderful family and their hard won, genuine, honest, achievements.
        Mind you, my favourite saying is one from
        General Kodendera Subayya Thimayya, DSO:
        “There are no bad soldiers, only bad officers.”(;)

        • favill

          I would agree with that. Lots of “deadwood” at the colonel and general officer levels…many hailing from a certain province and able to speak Quebecois fluently. There is a “mafia” in the Canadian Armed Forces as well….and it rhymes with Vingt-Deux.

      • shasta

        Your first sentence says it all. The level of incompetence accepted by society today is appalling. So much so that I find myself assuming I am dealing with a dolt until proven otherwise in most transactions. And race has little to do with it except for the large number of recent immigrants who have been pushed up the ladder by quotas.

  • BillyHW

    Please tell what the stats are between Paki Asians and Korean Asians.

  • BillyHW

    Non-whites need to be kicked off the island.

    • Starlord

      Survivor style!

    • favill

      Loser whites should be kicked off the island too. Back in 1984-85, during my requisite volunteer hours at a free, before-school breakfast program every kid who took part in it was white. It was an eye-opener because I didn’t think there were “dirt-poor” white people. I distinctly remember the lady who ran the program lamented that her biggest fear was on Friday, because some of those kids would go the whole weekend without a substantial meal or food altogether. The way some of the kids ate, these were little ones not much older than eight years old as there was an age/grade cap for participants in the program, I got the feeling that many of them hadn’t eaten since their last visit.

      • Watchman

        Likely it was more important for the expenditure on cigarettes, beer and gambling for those children’s families.

        • favill

          Or drugs. I remember this little guy. He had blonde hair, dirty face (every day–the only reason he had clean hands was the program director insisted all the kids wash their hands before they were allowed to sit at the tables and she would check their hands to make sure they were actually clean), he wore the same clothes every day and he smelled bad. He would scarf down the meal (a small OJ, a small glass of milk, half a piece of buttered toast and a small bowl of cereal) and come back for seconds before all the kids were served. The reason I remember him was that he always came back for seconds (and he smelled bad). He was the only one who came back for seconds every day.

          • Watchman

            You’ve got to have a licence to have a dog, but don’t need a licence to have a child.

          • Clausewitz

            Thank you for the Parenthood moment Keanu.

  • tom_billesley

    This data has been assembled from information already placed in the public domain by various government departments. Nothing new. The data has already been debated in the media. It’s just politicking.

  • Sid Falco

    Critical Race Theory and Disparate impact. Utter shite.