On Columbus Day, remember: We owe the discovery of America to Islam and Muslims

Without Islam, the United States would not exist.

That’s right: without Islam, the United States as we know it would not exist.

No, Reza Aslan has not knocked me over the head with a rock and taken over the writing of Jihad Watch, using my name. It’s absolutely true: if it weren’t for Islam and Muslims, the United States would not exist today.

  • Watchman

    Absolutely true. The other common canards are the claims that a) Thomas Jefferson was interested in Islam and bought a Qur’an to investigate it as a possible religion to convert to, and b) Thomas Jefferson organised the first Ramadan Iftar dinner in the White House in 1805.

    The first makes as much sense as if you were to hear that Winston Churchill bought himself a copy of Hitler’s Mein Kampf so as to possibly become a Nazi. The Mediterranean was beset by muslim pirates for a long time before and after Jefferson bought his copy.

    The second canard is when Jefferson hosted a diplomatic representative from a Tunisian chieftain who was hoping to negotiate ‘protection payments’ (or ‘danegeld’) from the new USA, who was no longer being protected by British warships in the Mediterranean. The diplomat said that he could not eat before sunset and was accommodated. I feel it is most unlikely they ate halal meat at that dinner, but have not proof.

    • xavier

      Well It’s partly correct but not for the reasons Aslan thinks.
      1) Islam was on the match and European were terrified that they might pull off the conquest. So they needed to find a strategic route to bypass the Moslems
      2) the spices were costing too much and Europeans wanted to cut off the
      3) The Europeans were curious about the world and wanted to explore it

      • jayme

        With regard to 3) – something that muslims definitely are not, since their interests are restricted to allah’s hothouse in the sky. How in the world will such an incurious and “n shallah” attitude ever discover anything (excluding discoveries related to killing infidels and thereby getting access to eternal copulation a bit faster)?

        • Will Quest

          “eternal copulation” ……. no carnal indulgence is denied in izzzlam’s celestial bordello …… and with dark-eyed perpetual virgins ….. alhahu ackbar …. KABOOM !

        • xavier

          Yup. In fact i have an article about the Abyassiad caliphiate and paper. And then it comes BS about how Islamic civilization was in a golden age of scientific discovery under a united empire.i’m going to forcefully telly my students that’s not true. There were no scientific discoveries whatsoever

          • ismiselemeas

            It was only “golden” because by comparison Europe was still in the dark ages and not a great place to make it past childhood.

          • Bless his heart

            See my above posted video of the good doctor.

          • Watchman

            How dare you say that. Islam is responsible for many important scientific discoveries like how the sun sets into a pool of water every night, that birds are held aloft only by the power of Allah, and that mountains were created so the world does not shake. /sarc

          • xavier


          • Bless his heart

            See my post above and this video.


    • Will Quest

      Thanks for slaughtering { non-halal} , plucking, eviscerating, and fricasseeing
      those canards Watchman , it’s appreciated …..

    • Solo712

      In most Muslim societies any food which is not haram (pork, blood puddings, etc.) becomes ‘halal’ if the faithful Muslim says blessings before eating it.

  • ismiselemeas

    Every cloud has a silver lining.

  • DaninVan

    Good case for the Portuguese having made the re-discovery some 19yrs. before Columbus, and it was likely Newfoundland, not the Caribbean Islands.


  • marty_p
  • Hard Little Machine

    Nah. It was the black people who invented sailing and came here. According to Al Sharpton.

  • Bless his heart

    Islam destroyed much of Classic western Civilization when it burst out of the Arabian Peninsula and conquered Egypt, North Africa, Assyria, Spain, and more. With attacks deep into Europe.
    This is a good explanation.
    Islam cause various moving Dark Ages in Western Civilization.
    Islam destroyed Western Civilization’s bread basket in Egypt and North Africa. It destroyed the West’s religious center in Assyria. It ended efficient transport on the Meditteranean, ending food transport from Egypt, and putting Europeans back to cart transport.
    The shores of the Meditteranean were emptied as Europeans moved inland to avoid Muslim Slavers.
    We attacked the slaver nations known as the Barbary Coast. Thomas Jefferson said that while he could discuss topic with Muslims, they refused any compromise on payments or they would take USA ships for plunder and slaves. The Muslims said their god granted them those rights.
    Why we are afraid.
    It is an excellent film.

  • Bless his heart

    The Irish were here way before and later St Brendan, The navigator, reported on his travels in the 300’s or so. Vikings also traveled far. Old Nordic writing has been found in North America.
    Egyptian ships and Phonetician likely were here. Cocaine and other plants were found in Eyptian tombs. Chinese came here. Ancient Chinese anchor stones have been found in natural harbors on the West Coast.

    And that Jean Luc Picard look alike that was found in the Northwest that died maybe 9000 years ago. Star Trek time travel, or those French got around. 🙂