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Merkel’s Bloc Agrees to Limit Number of Refugees Entering Germany

The change of policy comes after the far-right AfD party did well in the German federal elections last month, securing third place and becoming the first far-right party to enter the Bundestag in half a century.

The AfD made significant ground in the elections by playing off fears and concerns about refugees and migration in general, and after the results became clear Ms Merkel said she would try to solve the problems of people who had voted for the party to win their support.

Though a million refugees came to Germany at the height of the refugee crisis, the number has actually tailed off over, with 280,000 welcomed to Germany in the recent year. As a result, if numbers continue to decline, Germany may not have to turn refugees away as part of the policy.

Does anyone believe this is anything beyond an election ploy? 

Science Gone Stupid: Human Extinction Edition

“The probability of global catastrophe is very high,” the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists warned in setting the Doomsday Clock 2.5 minutes before midnight earlier this year. On nuclear weapons and climate change, “humanity’s most pressing existential threats,” the Bulletin’s scientists found that “inaction and brinkmanship have continued, endangering every person, everywhere on Earth.”

Every day, it seems, brings with it fresh new horrors. Mass murder. Catastrophic climate change. Nuclear annihilation.

Toronto District School Board’s Dangerous ‘Islamophobia’ Definition Shows Why Canadians Oppose M-103

When M-103 was first introduced, it sparked a strong and sustained backlash from Canadians. As I reported in March, a poll showed that an overwhelming majority of respondents thought M-103 should have been changed to either remove the focus on one religion (40%), or mention all religions (31%). Just 14% wanted it kept as is, a clear rejection of M-103 by the Canadian people.

Yet, the Trudeau government ignored the will of Canadians and pushed ahead, and continued their effort to not only pretend Islamist terrorism isn’t a threat, but suppress the ability of Canadians to speak out against it.

This Is How North Korea Would Start a War (And How Bad It Could Get)

This is the best case for North Korea, but it is important to recall that most analysts judge North Korea’s military as insufficient to defeat the forces of the RoK. The static defenses along the DMZ, combined with the mobility and sophistication of RoK forces, mean that any offensive into South Korea is likely to bog down into a logistical disaster before it can capture Seoul. At that point, attacks along the depth of the North Korean position, combined with a concerted assault on regime targets and the KPA’s command and control network, will likely isolate advance forces and leave them ripe for destruction.

Alan Carter: Kathleen Wynne’s coming Trudeau trouble

At the recent First Ministers’ meeting in Ottawa, Canada’s premiers discovered an uncomfortable truth about conversations with the federal government.

Just because the PM will meet with you, doesn’t mean you’ll be heard.