Should Jihadist Families Be Prosecuted?

PARIS — Then French President Nicolas Sarkozy declared March 19, 2012, the date an Islamic militant killed a Jewish rabbi and three children in Toulouse, “a day of national tragedy.”

The gunman, Mohammed Merah, a French petty criminal of Algerian descent, had targeted French soldiers a week earlier in two attacks, one at a shopping center. On March 19 it was the turn of the Ozar Hatorah Jewish day school.

Dismounting a motorbike, the 23-year-old Merah unleashed a fusillade toward the schoolyard, killing first the rabbi as he shielded his two young sons, who were shot also, and then chasing a fleeing eight-year-old Jewish girl. Merah grabbed her by the hair, shooting her in the temple with a .45 caliber gun after his 9mm pistol had jammed.

Yes. They should. Always. Without Mercy.