“Sharia law allows the beating such women with stones as punishment”

Jealous husband filmed beating wife after knocking her lover unconscious in sickening video

Police spokesman Maxim Rodionov said urgent efforts are underway to establish the identity of the attacker and his battered wife, as well as the lover.

He vowed action would be taken, even though on social media comments point out this is a Muslim region in Russia – called the Republic of Bashkortostan – and “Sharia law allows the beating such women with stones as punishment”.

  • Solo712

    As the Russian saying goes: ‘ni cvetkom zhenshchinu neudarish’ (never hit a woman, not even with a stem of a flower). But then again, this is Bashkiria with a Muslim majority.

    • Norman_In_New_York

      I thought that the Bashkirs, like the Tatars, had westernized under Communist rule.

      • Solo712

        The amazing thing about the post-Soviet Russia and near-abroad is how the formerly “internationalist, communist, progressive” communities and ethnics (and there are over one hundred of them in the former USSR) returned to their “old” selves, that existed prior to Russification which took place under the Tsars. The Bashkirs and Tartars, like the peoples of North Caucasus (the Chechen, Circassians, Ingush and Dagestanis) have re-discovered to their Islamic traditions. Many of the Apsny (Abkhazians) returned to their local pagan religion predating both Christianity and Islam.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Well duh

  • vwVwwVwv

    If I would be surprised with such a situation, not my wife nor her lover are safe.