Las Vegas,is a wake up call for US security forces

Israel has a love for everything American. We enjoy your movies, TV series, fast food, country music, New York, Los Angeles, Florida, and your wide open spaces We even enjoy your innocence when it comes to your domestic freedoms.

For Israelis, it has become a part of everyday life to walk through body scanners several times a day. For us, this isn’t confined to an airport experience. They are all over the place. You can’t go to a shopping mall, entertainment center, train station, bank, sporting event, supermarket, without having yourself and your bag searched. It doesn’t upset us. We know that it keeps us safe. It’s become an essential part of our daily routine. So we envy the open freedom of America that doesn’t need all this. Until Las Vegas. Then things changed.

  • Israel is different. They are completely encompassed by larger more powerful Islamist nations, many of which are actively working for the destruction of Israel. In the case of the U.S. it’s the opposite — I don’t think there’s any excuse for establishing Police-State-like measures in the U.S. All they have to do is focus on the particular groups and individuals who are causing the problems. But so far the U.S. has refused to do that — which means they will in fact probably end up like Israel some day: in an endless fight for survival.

    • Norman_In_New_York

      Despite these security measures, Israel scored very high on the worldwide happiness index. Not as high as Canada and Australia, but higher than the U.S., Britain, France and Germany. Israelis don’t feel at all that they live in a police state, but view these measures as necessary until the day comes when they will not be needed.