Las Vegas: Stephen Paddock ‘gambled $1m a night’ and had Valium doctor on retainer

Stephen Paddock, the man who carried out the mass shooting in Las Vegas, gambled up to $1m a night and frequently popped Valium for anxiety.

In a deposition the 64-year-old delivered four years ago as part of a civil lawsuit against a hotel where he said he had slipped and fell, the one-time accountant portrayed himself as a big spender who was frequently “comped’ rooms by the casinos he frequented.

He also claimed that he was, at one point, the “biggest video poker player in the world”.

  • richard

    Since Paddock had substantial assets, will his victims be able to sue his estate for damages?

    • Drunk by Noon ✓

      Likely, but there are so many victims, that it won’t amount to much.

    • Norman_In_New_York

      It would be like Bernie Madoff, with victims getting so many cents on the dollar.

  • simus1

    Still an unfinished jigsaw but a brain tumour seems likely to some. Motive? Creating PR damage to Las Vegas for some sort of victimization, real or imagined?

    His source of funds for such a high roller lifestyle is not yet clear?

    • Dana Garcia

      The money is the biggest question for me. Gambling is a guaranteed way to lose money, but Paddock was always flush. If video poker can be consistently won, then why aren’t millions of people doing it?

    • Tooth&Claw

      Tumor or the beginnings of frontal/temporal dementia

    • Marius K

      Perhaps the target was Las Vegas.

    • Sunshine

      NO. This was a well orchestrated attack and Paddock didn’t act alone.

      There was someone else in the room with Paddock who left shortly after Paddock started firing although he wasn’t supposed to leave. That person worked from one room, broke the window at the same time Paddock broke his own window, and fired off a few rounds after Paddock finished his first volley.

      Also, too many people reporting a man shooting in Tropicana casino and another shooting at the Bellagio while others report a man with a gun suppressor shooting at the concert.

      People are allowing themselves to be led through a narrative and not asking the right questions. Media is cooperating in supporting the narrative.

      I truly doubt the truth will ever come out because Las Vegas has too much to lose. BTW: ISIS was not involved but some other group, yes.

      • Alain

        Well stated except the claim that ISIS was not involved. There is plenty of evidence that they were. Let me just say that it has all the markings of a jihadist attack. What is certain is that this was not a one man, who was mentally ill or whatever, operation.

        • Sunshine

          Re ISIS: plenty of evidence, I don’t see. Yes, they claimed it after police named the shooter.

          Think motive,

          IMO: This type of random slaughter is also carried out by the Mexican cartels where they go into tiny communities and shoot everybody, including entire families, to teach a lesson. These cartels have Islamic groups among them and they are also involved in people smuggling.

          Trump’s Wall will be wiping out their livelihood.

          I think Paddock – and his brother – were into gun-running and possibly drugs also. I also think rogue FBI elements linked to the Obama administration are involved – Think Fast and Furious. This would explain yesterday’s sudden change in narrative, including the timeline of events and the security guard Campos.

          That Sheriff Lombardo sure is nervous. The FBI behind him during press conferences took over the investigation a few days after the event. I mean the DC FBI, thus shutting out the FBI’s office in Vegas.

          We’re being set up by the DC FBI.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Steve Wynn said his level of gambling was ‘not big’.

  • Alain

    Look, look over there not here.

  • Brenda