Fake hate alert: Racist drawing at Binghamton U. leads to student town hall gripe session

Here we are again: After racist scribblings were discovered in a Binghamton University study lounge, student leaders assembled a student town hall meeting to demand the school “be very serious” about racist incidents.

  • simus1

    Dress up as a wolf and “scare” the witless sheep.
    How unique.
    How original.
    How marxist.

  • That doesn’t look like “scribbling”, it looks like someone with formal training in art. He/she/it could probably land a job as a professional cartoonist. I’m thinking a Marxist student in the arts department on another “false flag” run.

  • Hard Little Machine

    They should burn down the school and close it forever. But not before cancelling out every degree it has ever granted.

  • Editor

    No white supremacists up in stocks on the public square . . . Hoax! Sorry, permissible “social experiment”.