Didn’t Calgary used to be a normal sort of place?

This has to be seen to be believed.

  • simus1

    Alberta politics and “normality” have never been comfortable partners.

    • Must be something in the oil.

      • Exile1981

        Having had an encounter with Neshi’s arrogance I would never vote for him.

  • Achmed

    You must all vote with the Muslim community or you will be outed as Islamophobic.

  • Ed

    The left could give a shit about racism. They hurl the accusation because they’ve learned normal people will do an awful lot to escape being called a racist. It’s about getting power. The fact they keep shouting “racist” is more an indictment of our side’s weakness to the charge. “Fuck off” is the appropriate response.

    • canminuteman

      “Fuck Off”, then never bother to engage them in debate again because you are just wasting your time.

  • Literally Hitler

    Thank Gaia I’m more beige, antique parchment, ecru, cream, oatmeal, taupe than white and impervious to such stereotypes.

  • Solo712

    Nenshi is getting desperate because Bill Smith’s lead is growing. So obviously race-baiting among his supporters will be called upon.

  • Tooth&Claw

    Never heard of her. However that’s how the left rolls. See this: http://nationalpost.com/news/local-news/nenshi-warns-voters-about-racists-haters-in-facebook-video/wcm/1887395d-7b78-41db-ae8e-ae6444ae5898

    Mayor Spenshi hasn’t got it through his fat head he’s over because he keeps raising tax rates, and spending in areas that need to be abolished or are irrelevant. Yeah, like the public art scam and that new compost collection scam.
    Reduce regular garbage pick up to once in two weeks, pick up recyclables and compostables once a week (on different days), then charge for the compost that was donated and tack on another fee to collect the recyclables and compostables.
    Not to mention do tell us how he is able to issue tax receipts for donations to offset his legal fees when he’s sued.
    He’s become ineffective and divisive. Time to turf him.

  • Frances

    She’s freaking out because His Purpleness is behind in the polls; his arrogance and disdain for voters (except as ATM’s) has become all too obvious and ordinary people are tired of that.