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Dianne Feinstein Admits Gun Control Doesn’t Work, Introduces Gun Control Bill Anyways

Here’s how things work on the left: following a mass shooting liberals demand gun control laws that wouldn’t have stopped the tragedy while citing the shooting as a need for these ineffective restrictions. What they never do is admit that their knee-jerk “solutions” are completely pointless in stopping crime, but all of that changed on Sunday. In a stunning admission, Dianne “gun grabber” Feinstein said that no gun law current or proposed would have stopped Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock from killing 58 and wounding 500 more. Don’t worry, she’s still pushing gun control legislation anyways, because that’s what liberals do.

Expert handling technique, too.

Nothing ‘fair’ about Wynne’s minimum wage hikes

Since Premier Kathleen Wynne says her 31.6% hike to Ontario’s minimum wage is all about “fairness” — which will also be the theme of her June re-election campaign — we have to ask: Fairness to whom?

Estimates of the number of job losses that will result from Wynne increasing the minimum wage from $11.40 per hour to $15 per hour in 15 months, range from at least 50,000 (Financial Accountability Office of Ontario) to 90,000 by 2020 (TD Bank) to 185,000 over two years (Keep Ontario Working Coalition.

These estimates (including new jobs that will never be created in addition to existing jobs that will be lost) are based on the logical assumption that when a business’ expenses go up, it must either cut costs or increase profits to survive.

Updated list: Sweden’s vulnerable areas

Particularly vulnerable area (23) – characterized by a social problem and criminal presence that led to a widespread inconvenience to participate in the judicial process and difficulties for the police to fulfill its mission. The situation is considered acute.

Deferred area (32) – is geographically defined and characterized by a low socioeconomic status where the criminals have an impact on the local community. Impact is rather linked to the social context in the area than the criminals’ graduated will to take power and control the local community. The situation is considered serious.

Risk area (6) – characterized by the risk of becoming a particularly vulnerable area. Some or some of the set criteria are missing. The situation is considered alarming.

A meaning of ‘vulnerable’ with which I am not familiar.

Wilders video banned by Youtube: “We Must De-Islamize the West”

In the video Geert Wilders shows that the Prophet Mohammed should be considered a terrorist, mass murderer and a pedophile and that it is very dangerous that this man is rolemodel to 1 billion Muslims.

Geert Wilders: It is an outrage that the freedom of speech is sacrificed because of expressing the truth. It must always be permitted to express the truth even when it concerns a deranged prophet. Fortunately the video is still available on Twitter and Facebook.”

NATIONAL UNITY RISK: Trudeau Is Dangerously Dividing Canada For His Own Political Benefit

Canada lacks a unified industrial policy. Such a policy would be based on strengthening industry across Canada, including the energy industry in the west, manufacturing in Ontario, and the aerospace industry (including Bombardier), in Quebec.

A strong industrial policy would mean eliminating regulations and taxes that hurt the energy industry, bringing in strategic tariffs to protect and grow manufacturing jobs, and yes, sometimes it would mean providing support to Bombardier to protect Canadian jobs.

This would bring Canadians together and strengthen national unity, because it would show that all parts of the country mattered equally to the government, and our government was committed to making sure that all Canadians could succeed.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!