Theory of the Case

On Friday morning I started the day on the curvy couch with “Fox & Friends” to discuss the latest developments in the Las Vegas attack and the Democrats’ push for “gun control”. The perpetrator of the deadliest single-shooter massacre in US history is so unlike his predecessors that it seems to me that nothing in his history is coincidental: there is a reason for everything, even if we will never know it – all the way down to, for example, such peripheral details as the fact that he owned property in both Mesquite, Nevada and Mesquite, Texas.

What if the motive is hiding in plain sight?

  • Micky C.
    • Solo712

      This theory doesn’t make sense in terms of human psychology. You either respect life, or you don’t. The idea that Paddock would want to make an ultimate statement against guns makes as much sense as protesting anti-Semitism by blowing up a supermarket in Tel-Aviv.

      • Steyn also mentioned that he resembled a “contract killer”, but something went wrong. Maybe he was ideologically-driven, very self-disciplined and committed to the cause, or maybe he was a paid professional. In either case it behooves us to find out who paid him and why, or the evil ideology that inspired him.

        • Solo712

          I am more inclined to believe in the “Charles Whitman’ scenario. The guy was on diazepam and became unhinged. John Hinckley, the would be assassin of Ronaled Reagan, was on the drug also.

          • This isn’t the work of a guy who was “unhinged” even if he was in fact on any drugs. There’s too much organization here — too much forethought. There’s a big difference between a psychopath/sociopath and somebody with a severe mental illness, the latter of whom are not criminally responsible.

          • He was high functioning. But that doesn’t mean he isn’t crazy, look at serial killers like Ted Bundy.

          • All of them were “crazy” in the colloquial sense. But the only way I’m going to see this guy as some sort of “victim” is if they can prove that he was hallucinating, hearing voices, etc. — that there was an actual physiological effect beyond his control that somehow inhibited his perception of reality.

            And as far as I can see the only “inhibition of perception of reality” that is occurring is happening on the Left-wing propaganda level — the mass hysteria that the press, Democrats, and militant Left have induced which have caused other mass shootings such the BLM-inspired cop massacre in places such as Texas. Mass propaganda is not the same as mental illness — it’s deliberately meant to mislead and achieve specific political outcomes. Otherwise you could say that the Nazis, and the entire German nation, were simply “mentally ill” — they were “victims”. The fact is people can make a choice about whether they believe political propaganda or not.

          • I think that may be the final answer.

        • Marius K

          1. Was he also making a statement against explosives?

          2.”Contract killer” theory can involve intelligence actor of more or less hostile/friendly country and this is why the motive may not be known publically.

          • Notice that he didn’t use “illegal” guns, the latter of which are probably easily obtainable on the black market — every criminal gang in America probably has such weapons. In other words instead of purchasing real machine guns and fully automatic weapons, he went to the trouble of using legal “bump stocks”, which are more cumbersome and problematic than the real thing. And the explosive materials he had in his vehicle were also apparently legally obtainable. In other words, this guy was not dealing with the criminal underworld when he acquired his equipment. But he could very well have been acting under the tutelage and direction of hostile foreign agents who would recognize the propaganda value of using legally-obtainable material.

            I certainly wouldn’t eliminate the possibility of a foreign connection until the investigations are concluded. Or a domestic connection either — heck, at this point in the game I wouldn’t be surprised if it turns out that Hillary Clinton herself personally hired the guy!

    • Drunk by Noon ✓

      Were he that much of a leftist, there would be other trails of leftism in his wake.
      If they are there, we would be seeing them, unless they are being actively hidden from us.

  • Drunk by Noon ✓

    One clue everyone is ignoring is that he killed himself at the first sign of law enforcement (actually a hotel security guard) interruption of his shooting.
    He could have kept shooting much longer, or shot it out with the cops, and taken more with him, yet he didn’t.
    He sprayed randomly into a crowd for 10-minutes and then just killed himself at the first interruption.
    I think that is a clue.
    In other words, was the shooting his primary goal, or just a means to an end of something else?
    Like Muslim suicide bombers, the real purpose is to gain automatic entry into paradise, especially after leading a dissolute life, and not necessary because they hate the infidel.

  • simus1

    I like Dr Peterson’s view that the first question that needs answering is Paddock’s physical health and did he share anything in common with the Texas shooter like a brain tumor which might have a bearing on his actions.

    (YouTube: Jordan Peterson: Las Vegas Shooting and Gun Control)

  • Marius K

    It may have nothing to do with Las Vegas shooting, but the struggle for the Saudi throne will result in lot of bloodshed around the world.