The Czech Donald Trump “I have stopped believing in multiculturalism.”

A “politically incorrect” billionaire businessman opposed to further EU integration is on track to become the next prime minister of the Czech Republic.

Andrej Babis, a Slovak-born former finance minister who has been sharply critical of German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s open-door migration policy, is leading the polls ahead of general elections, set for October 20.

Babis, one of the country’s wealthiest people, presents himself as a non-ideological results-oriented reformer. He has pledged to run the Czech Republic like a business after years of what he calls corrupt and inept management. He is demanding a return of sovereignty from the European Union and rejects the euro; he argues that it would “be another issue that Brussels would be meddling with.” He has also said he plans to cut government spending, stop people from “being parasites” in the social welfare system, and fight for Czech interests abroad. Babis is often referred to as “the Czech Donald Trump.”

  • Martin B

    Another outbreak of sanity in Eastern Europe.

  • Solo712

    When I was in my native Czechrep earlier this year, Babiš was kicked out of the coalition government dominated by the left Social Democrats allegedly over some wheeling-dealing back in the 1990’s. He instantly turned his ouster into a high trump card. This is because as a finance minister, he really helped to put the country back on track. So, his sacking made him instantly the most popular politician in the country. His party should have no problem ending on top and forming a centre-right coalition. I don’t know about the Trump comparison though : Andrej, is a “populist” and “anti-globalist” but unlike the Donald is also a hyper-pragmatist who likes to keep low profile. No chance he would be making buddies in “the swamp”. No chance of anyone calling him “a moron”. He knows where the problems are and knows how to fix them. Babiš is a proven doer!

    • k1992

      Would he be wise enough and honest enough to recognize the danger of islam and islamic immigration?

      • Solo712

        He had a big fight with Kalousek (leader of OSD, potential coalition partner) on TV about EU immigration policies, and obviously he knows what the main street thinks about that. He is not Viktor Orban though. He knows where the money is in EU, so he is not going to be a loud voice in the Visegrad group. He also knows that accepting the regime of “migrant quotas” from EU would make him just another of the “political whores” and quickly make his popularity fall.

    • Frances

      He also has a very interesting history prior to the “velvet revolution”; was even accused of being a KGB agent. However, he does seem to be a good businessman.

      • Solo712

        There is a complaint he filed with the Slovak Constitutional Court (Babiš is Slovak) to have the a judicial verdict on the evidence that he was collaborating with StB (the Czechoslovak secret police under the commies). The Court will render its decision on 12.October, a week before the election. If he is not cleared , he is in deep sh*t – the Czech “luxation” laws demand all public functionaries have clean record in the past crimes of the Communist regime.

        • Frances