Teacher who called out cheerleaders who ‘showed a lot of vagina’ threatened with firing

…​Eubanks​ ​raised objections when some of the 30 girls, ​in extremely ​short ​cheerleading ​skirts, ​wore panties underneath that were too skimpy​ or ​ill-fitted​ ​and sh​ow​ed “some of their genitals,” butts and even pubic hair.

She spotted eight to 10 boys in the gym audience videotaping the show.

​Instead of commending Eubanks for promoting modesty and decency, the Department of Education brought her up on ​misconduct ​charges — including verbal abuse — and tried to fire her.

  • ontario john

    Don’t people realize its a victory for feminism, if young girls look like cheap whores.

  • simus1

    What is shocking is a veteran school teacher could be so ignorant as to the correct names for external female body parts.

  • Watchman

    Here is a picture of the of Alotta Fagina, apparently not just a character in Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery (1997).


  • Norman_In_New_York

    I wonder what kind of environmental studies these students engaged in.

  • DaninVan

    Read the text msgs; I’m pretty sure the flashing was intentional on the part of the ‘dancers’ …
    “Now, FLASHER! now, DANCER! now, PRANCER and VIXEN!”

  • Hard Little Machine

    Sorry but this is standard for black high schools.

    • shasta

      I think it’s pretty standard in most high schools.

  • Felix_Culpa

    Of course the teacher was disciplined; sluttiness rules! The sexual revolution takes no prisoners!

  • BrokenDrumsticks

    Pictures or it didn’t happen?…
    Too soon..?

  • Veracious_one

    Everyone knows loony leftist liberal school officials are against promoting modesty and decency…