Taxpayer Funded Transgender Charity Banned from Contacting Boy, 7, Forced to Live as Girl

Hundreds of thousands of pounds in taxpayer money is being given to a transgender charity reportedly banned from contacting a family after the mother forced her seven-year-old son to live as a girl.

  • David Lentz

    Given nobody in the media appears to have ever studied biology, and seem to believe that biological sex does not exist, and is loath to mention it, it is hard to know if they are talking about a biological male or female. The story appears to be about a boy, dressed by his mother as a girl.

    I am cynical enough to believe that so-called transgender charity, would like nothing better than giving female hormones to a healthy male.

    • One day this will be called by its true name – Child abuse.

    • LauraS

      It sure seems like the vast majority of cases involving “transgender” children are very young boys being encouraged/forced to transform into girls.