Progressives destroy everyone else’s history

From Mark Steyn:

I mentioned on television yesterday that the Democrats have much greater success slicing and dicing the First Amendment than they do the Second – because gun ownership is real and concrete and the confiscation and banning of actual things is easier to grasp than the incremental shriveling of something abstract such as freedom of expression. But it is striking how the assault on the latter has accelerated ever since, in the wake of the church shooting in Charleston, the Democrat-media complex forced the banishing of the Confederate flag and even of reruns of “Dukes of Hazzard”. In two years we’ve progressed from taking down the Confederate flag to toppling Civil War statuary – and now the removal of a monument to America’s first great songwriter, Stephen Foster. That last saddens me.

The object is to unmoor Americans from their entire inheritance – because a citizenry so unmoored is that much more pliable and ripe for anything the social engineers wish to inculcate.More.

Reality check: Progressives deny anyone except themselves the right to memories or a story. For example, virtually no one except progressives thinks that The Cat in the Hat is racist. More to the point, most us have personal associations with it. Forcing us to give the character up because they themselves have decided, on some obscure ground, that the cat is racist, is one of the best pieces of evidence for the totalitarian bent of the progressive movement.

They won’t stop. They can’t. They will be after your childhood memories next.

Increasingly, for the sake of living any semblance of a normal and reasonable life, we must see to it that progressives are slowly, surely, and peaceably retired from public life. They can think a paper clip is racist in the privacy of their own homes. Better for everyone.

I asked our American friend what he thinks and he notes,

And yet I think this continuous overreach of ridiculousness only lessens their effectiveness and hastens their end. How could it be otherwise? True, we have to suffer through Cat in the Hat nonsense (there’ll be more of course) but they seem to
be doing a better job of writing themselves off than our side could ever have done.

I responded,

I keep telling friends that the horrendous profs, celebs, and TV airheads who think it a good thing that the country music fans were mowed down (because they might be Trump supporters) are a gift from heaven.

One can say to people on both sides of the border, the only thing that separates us from holocausts and holodomors today is political systems that do not give progressives that much power. But progressives are working hard to change that…

They are making it quite obvious even to those who support gun control that getting them out of public office, government jobs, and key platforms should be a bigger priority right now than gun control. If you want to live without needing their permission.

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