Manchester bombing: Salman Abedi’s links to Germany probed by police

Investigators believe the man behind the 2017 Manchester Arena bombing had links to Germany, two German news outlets reported on Saturday.

On May 22, Salman Abedi carried a backpack full of TATP explosives and nuts and bolts into the lobby of an Ariana Grande concert. The Libyan-born British citizen waited for people to start leaving and then detonated his bomb, killing 23 people, including himself, and injuring many more.

Bizarre, DW is using a pixelated photo of Abedi’s face!

  • BillyHW

    Maybe they’ll discover a link to Islam within our lifetimes. And pixelating that face is a mercy…

  • Mal

    “Bizarre, DW is using a pixelated photo of Abedi’s face!”
    Excellent. This filth likes the idea of fame. The more they show the faces of the ones on the lam (so they can be swatted like the vermin they are), and the less of the dead so-called “martyred” losers, the better.