Indonesian police arrest 58 men in raid on gay sauna

Indonesian police have detained 58 men including several foreigners in a raid on a gay sauna, an official said on Saturday, the latest sign of a backlash against homosexuals in the Muslim-majority country.

Police late on Friday raided a building in the capital Jakarta that houses a sauna and a gym after they received information from the public that it was being used for prostitution.

“We secured 51 and seven employees for allegedly providing pornographic services,” Jakarta Police spokesman Argo Yuwono said in a statement.

  • ontario john

    Meanwhile feminist Trudeau keeps sending millions of dollars to that islamic shit hole. Maybe those walking with him in gay pride parades, should start asking him a few questions, instead of admiring his funny socks.

  • Ed

    It’s easy to be brave and transgressive when the patriarchy is keeping the people in the top picture safe from the people in the bottom picture.

  • WalterBannon

    look at tolerant Islam in action. good thing justine trudope has lots of muslims in his cabinet, right?

    where are the questions for justine trudope from the gay community?

    • caliroxanne

      The gay community is too busy being used as useful idiots as they march with the Queers for Palestine gang against Trump, Israel and Islamophobia at the very same time their Muslim “friends” are arresting, torturing and murdering their gay borthers and sisters. The world is a strange place, indeed!

  • Cat-astrophe

    What would the fate of these people be under Indonesian laws?

  • simus1

    Marxist controlled fake front groups are merely paving stones used to build the Road To Serfdom. Once totalitarian rule is secured, they will remain as decorations only.

  • UCSPanther

    “Because its 2015!”