Disqus confirms data breach affecting 17.5 million accounts

‘As a security precaution, we have reset the passwords for all affected users’: company official

Note: The breach affected a database from 2012 containing user records dating back to 2007, Disqus said.

  • Oh no, now everybody knows all my secrets.

    –Sent from my iPhone at the Bunny Ranch

    • Play it cool OJ. If the quip don’t fit they can’t convict.

  • ntt1

    I anybody sees my posting name above comments defending Lena Dunham or implying jimmy kimmel is funny then know for a fact I’ve been hacked

  • Exile1981

    State actors or lefties trying to find out who posters are so they can dox them?

    • Watchman

      Could be either, could be both. It shouldn’t affect most users here as BCF didn’t use Disqus in 2012, but if you’ve had a Disqus account for a long time you should change the password, especially if you were reusing the same password for multiple accounts or devices. There is a chance that the hackers were able to associate Disqus avatar names with email addresses, and that might be a huge issue if you visit a Shari’a law country with blasphemy laws.

  • Sharkibark

    I’d recommend a password reset for everyone here – just because you haven’t been notified, you can’t be too safe – especially with un-pc opinions. *tinfoil hat firmly on.* 😛

    • Exile1981

      good idea, especially if you usepasswords on multiple platforms / sites

    • A good idea.

  • I remember when Disqus opened up every Disqus using blog to comment editing by administrators from any other site employing Disqus.

    That was scary, and no I did not take advantage of it.

  • simus1

    It seems pretty ragtag. Varies from instantly grabbing my input then instantly slamming access shut again afterward to refusing my sign in one minute and then easily accepting it the next.

  • ECM

    I’m going to assume that if I’m still logged in, I wasn’t affected…

    /first time at the rodeo