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Texas Capital Dumps Columbus Day for ‘Indigenous Peoples Day

The Austin City Council voted Thursday to celebrate Indigenous Peoples Day, a holiday that honors Native Americans, and no longer recognize Columbus Day.

Austin follows such U.S. cities as Berkeley, Seattle, Denver, Albuquerque, Phoenix, and most recently, Los Angeles, in replacing the traditional holiday to instead declare that the second Tuesday of October honor America’s indigenous people.

Councilmembers approved a resolution that sought “to create a path of healing and reconciliation” noting that October 12, 1492, marked the “beginning of the colonization of indigenous people that forever changed their identity, cultures, and achievements.”

Smells like reparations.

Poison ivy on steroids: Another side of climate change

Lee Frelich is a big name in the field of forecasting what climate change will do to forest species. He teaches at the University of Minnesota, and has been in the forest research business since the late 1970s. He knows Ontario’s forests too.

And he says there’s firm evidence that poison ivy will thrive in our expected future climate.

Climate change “will favour poison ivy quite dramatically,” he said in an interview. “Poison ivy is one of the few species that has a direct response to rising carbon dioxide levels.”

Sheer desperation.

‘Fifty nine meat eaters dead. How many animals will live because of this?’

The owner of a vegan food truck says she regrets a Facebook post in which she appeared to dismiss the deaths of “meat eaters” in the Las Vegas massacre.

Delinda Jensen, 60, of Wilkes-Barre, said she’s received death threats and had to shut down her business after her post Monday night started going viral, sparking intense backlash both online and off.

This is how they think. This is what they want.

Deradicalization must be tailored to Canadian cities, says expert

The radicalization of young Canadians is most often a local problem that requires programs tailored to specific cities, towns or even neighbourhoods.

That’s one the preliminary findings by the Canada Centre for Community Engagement and Prevention of Violence.

The federal government set aside $35 million over five years for the centre, which was announced in August 2016. It works within the Department of Public Safety to provide training, support research and provide national leadership on counter-radicalization strategies for provinces, territories and municipalities.

The funds allocated for deradicalization will be used to import more radicals.

AntiFa Declares Next Target As Special Report Reveals Who They’re After

It seems AntiFa groups won’t be happy until they slash and burn everything in sight. They’ve now decided on a new target: the American law enforcement community.

Not happy enough toppling Confederate statues or inciting riots on the University of California Berkeley campus, these left-wing extremists have turned their attention to police, saying they’re oppressors. (The same oppressors that just rushed in to save so many victims in this nation’s deadliest mass shooting in Las Vegas this week.)

Dartmouth Student Group Demands Punishment For Students Who Report This Crime

The Action Collective, a group that campaigns on issues like diversity and inclusion, posted the flier on campus. The flier also encouraged students not to participate in Dartmouth’s annual bonfire run tradition Friday evening during the College’s homecoming.

“Prohibit and condemn hateful language and threats,” said the Action Collective in the poster. “Reporting students to immigration agencies should result in disciplinary actions.”