Weinstein, Las Vegas and the venality of the left

Is there anything that more elegantly epitomizes the obscene hypocrisy of the Democrat elites — and their slavish servility to the Hollywood left and its money — than their unconditional worship of sexual predator Harvey Weinstein? If all reports are true, his depravity has been a known fact for decades. Still, Democrats like the Clintons, Schumer, Elizabeth Warren, and a host of others gladly took hundreds of thousands of dollars of his money and kept their mouths shut.

These supposed champions of women are nothing but sanctimonious frauds.

  • DaninVan

    Group grope!

    • Watchman

      The one on the right seems really keen to get her face in the picture without having to actually touch Weinstein. “God, make me famous so I don’t have to visit Weinstein in private again!”

      • I bet all 3 regret that photo ever saw the light of day.

        The cat is out of the bag, any Weinstein ingenue had to blow pig at the least to secure her part.

        • Watchman

          At the time, they would have wanted this picture on the front page of Vanity Fair, Rolling Stone, Entertainment Weekly, and more.

    • Will Quest

      The stench emanating from the sewage holding tank that is ‘Gollywoo’ is nauseating ….. ‘Gollywoo’ is infested with syphilitic hedonistic simpletons , Botox injected brains whose synapses are damaged and are mis-firing , pickled minds in an STD-mush …..

  • Watchman

    It is interesting that in this world of smartphones and HD video recorders that we don’t hear of more leaned-upon females’ recording Weinstein’s ‘deal-making’ for fame and fortune. I guess the reputed 8 payoffs might have been just some, or that Weinstein had enough power to destroy careers even of those who mights have reported it.

    • I bet more than a few walked away never to be heard of again.

  • Hard Little Machine

    He’s already blamed republicans. Next up, Russia, Trump and white supremacy. Harvey will be fine. Probably enter politics.