Re-civilize the Streets

Homicides and shootings continue to drop in New York City, even as the city unwinds key policing policies responsible for its record-breaking crime drop since the 1990s. Under pressure from race advocates, the New York Police Department has dramatically cut its pedestrian stops in high-crime neighborhoods. Arrests for public possession of marijuana have fallen by half. Summer 2017 brought the most radical changes yet: the Manhattan and Brooklyn district attorneys announced that they will no longer prosecute most turnstile jumpers. And a city council law to waive criminal penalties for public drinking and urination, littering, excessive noise, and the violation of public-park curfews was slated for implementation.

  • BillyHW

    The Left will never learn its lesson.

    • Alain

      How can they when they claim there are no criminals, only victims of oppressive society.

  • ntt1

    how on earth will that help, it will just snow ball and more serious infractions will be commuted. Next decriminalize car burning to help the muslims and all forms of armed muggings to placate the dindoos

  • Alain

    When the mayor is a communist, why would anyone be surprised?