Ontario jobs’ spike mostly government hires

Governments are crowing about how many jobs Ontario created last month.

And so they should, since they hired almost half of them.

Statistics Canada released its Labour Force Survey Friday, making special note that Ontario’s employment rose by 35,000 jobs overall in September — the fourth gain in five months.

  • ontario john

    And I wonder how many of those new government jobs are in Toronto. Because as long as Toronto keeps sucking the rest of the province dry, that is all that matters.

    • Pretty much, more public service union members mean more votes for Wynne.

    • k1992

      There’s got to be a tipping point, doesn’t there, where things break down completely? A point where there are no longer enough people outside the government to pay for the inefficiency and uselessness of many of the people within government. Either that or we go full commie, and have 100% of the citizenry employed by the government. And we must be at 40 or 50 percent by now, I’m guessing ….

      • Watchman

        Once 50% of the voters are employed by government, it’s all over as people are never going to vote for a government that might eliminate their jobs. The actual tipping point is less than this where as you say, the people employed by government provide enough votes to allow the party that promises a larger government to win over the other party.