Man charged in Edmonton attacks remembered as outgoing, funny… in that Bloodthirsty Muslim Terrorist kinda way

Until now, no one has stepped forward to acknowledge a relationship with Abdulahi Sharif.

“Susan” was shocked when she found out her friend was accused of such serious crimes in the wake of the U-Haul truck attack and police officer stabbing in Edmonton.

“I call him Abdul,” she said.

The last time “Susan” saw Sharif, they only had time to exchange a hug and a hello. They ran into each other at an Edmonton shisha bar in late May — the same spot they first met nearly two years ago and became friends. A shisha bar is a lounge where people can smoke a communal hookah.

“Susan” is not the 19-year-old’s real name. She asked CBC News to protect her identity out of concern for her safety and the safety of her family.

He was so outgoing and funny she needs to protect her identity, lest his outgoing fellow Mohammedans get funny.