Deradicalization must be tailored to Canadian cities or something, says expert

The radicalization of young Canadians is most often a local problem that requires programs tailored to specific cities, towns or even neighbourhoods.

That’s one the preliminary findings by the Canada Centre for Community Engagement and Prevention of Violence.

The federal government set aside $35 million over five years for the centre, which was announced in August 2016. It works within the Department of Public Safety to provide training, support research and provide national leadership on counter-radicalization strategies for provinces, territories and municipalities.

“There’s a whole number of risk factors, and that’s the challenge — there’s no agreement on what the best assessment tool is or what all the risk factors are,” Ritu Banerjee, executive director of the centre, told CBC News. (Link fixed)

In short we don’t know what we’re doing and won’t ever admit that Islam itself is the “root cause” of Muslim terrorism because that would mean terrorism is largely an immigration issue and curtailment of the Islamic influx would throw a wrench in Liberal Party recruitment efforts.