Almost 2,000 Canadians euthanized in year since legalization

Almost 2,000 Canadians have chosen to put an end their lives with a doctor’s help in the year since medically assisted suicide became legal in the country. The number rose over the 12 months to almost 1 percent of all deaths.

An interim report released by Health Canada on Friday, which is tracking assisted suicides, revealed the increasing popularity of assisted dying among terminally ill Canadians.

A total of 1,982 people resorted to the controversial practice since June 2016, when it became enshrined in a federal law. The figures included 803 people in the first six months, and 1,179 in the second.

This constitutes an almost 47 percent increase, with 0.9 percent of all deaths in Canada from January to June being assisted suicides.

I imagine the prospect of a 2nd Justin mandate will see these numbers skyrocket.