Was far-right French journalist the target of failed Paris gas canister bomb?

A French extreme-right journalist, who wants Islam banned in France, believes he may have been the target of a failed bomb attack on an apartment building in a plush district of Paris.

Anti-terror police have arrested six people in connection with the attempted attack but are apparently still mystified as to why the perpetrators placed gas canisters attached to detonators inside the building in the chic 16th arrondissement last weekend.

But one theory put forward is that the bomb makers were trying to hit a figure known for his anti-Islam views but got it all wrong. Not only did the bomb not go off, but the man they may have after doesn’t live there.

  • Ego

    “A French extreme-right journalist, who wants Islam banned in France”

    As someone who has always been for the original liberal values of free speech, freedom of expression, freedom of peaceful gathering, etc., I never knew I was extreme right. Yet I agree with the journalist’s opinion about Islam.
    Now what…
    Maybe the Right shouldn’t use the Left’s labels.

  • favill

    That police woman in the pic has a nice butt. (Yeah, I went there)…An Islamic terrorist attack in France…because it’s Wednesday or whatever…is kind of the norm for those dhimmi, cheese-eating, surrender monkeys.

    • Watchman

      What if she identifies as a man? Does that make you gay? (“Not that there’s anything wrong with that.” – Seinfeld)

      • favill

        Not if I’m the “pitcher” and she’s the “catcher”. 😉

    • Mark Matis

      Yeah, but she’s got a face like Ruth Ginsburg. How many paper bags do YOU have???

      • favill

        I didn’t say I was going to romance her.