US Jewry at the crossroads: LIberalism or the Jewish State

The American Jewish community has reached a great divide, one that will likely lead to a permanent schism within a community which for over a century has been steadfastly cohesive.

On one side are the pro-Trump, pro-Republican, pro-Israel Jews. And on the other are the liberal Jews still loyal to the increasingly anti-Israel, pro-Palestinian Democrat Party.

The 2016 Election was the watershed year for American Jewry, whether they realize it or not. The gauntlet was thrown in. The choice was clear. Trump or Clinton. Israel or liberalism.

The choice will be the same in Canada. The Liberal Party and the NDP each court the Muslim vote and for the time being pay lip service to Israel’s right to exist. That will not last. It remains to be seen if Scheer will sell out to the Islamists.