US Jewry at the crossroads: LIberalism or the Jewish State

The American Jewish community has reached a great divide, one that will likely lead to a permanent schism within a community which for over a century has been steadfastly cohesive.

On one side are the pro-Trump, pro-Republican, pro-Israel Jews. And on the other are the liberal Jews still loyal to the increasingly anti-Israel, pro-Palestinian Democrat Party.

The 2016 Election was the watershed year for American Jewry, whether they realize it or not. The gauntlet was thrown in. The choice was clear. Trump or Clinton. Israel or liberalism.

The choice will be the same in Canada. The Liberal Party and the NDP each court the Muslim vote and for the time being pay lip service to Israel’s right to exist. That will not last. It remains to be seen if Scheer will sell out to the Islamists.

  • k1962

    If the Conservatives sell out to the Muslims over Israel, they will sell out to them on every other issue that affects all Canadians.

    I remember Ed Fast coming to speak to a rally supporting Israel during the last war with Hezbollah. He said their (Harper’s) support for Israel was not the popular choice, but it was the right choice. They weren’t doing if for votes, they were doing it because it was the right thing to do. I will never forget that.

    Remember, Jews are the canary in the coal mine…

  • Maggat

    ” if Scheer will sell out to the Islamists.”
    That is a niggling little thought that does not seem to be put to rest from Scheer or his party. Please Scheer, get with the program and lay the foundation that will make Canada great again.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    The schism among American Jews is between those who are cognizant of their religious heritage and those who are ignorant of it. It is a safe bet that those who side with the left are in the latter category, whose religious training ended with their bar mitzvahs. Those who study their own history tend to stand with Israel and with Trump. It is noteworthy that evangelical Christians study that history and are more pro-Israel than many Jews.

    • caliroxanne

      Regardless of what these liberal Jews think of themselves or what they think they are, they are still Jewish to people who hate Jews and history proves this. Many Jews during the Holocaust who considered themselves not Jewish and who lived non-Jewish lives were seen by the nazis as Jews and slaughtered accordingly. Some of Hitler’s first victims were former Jews and people of Jewish ancestry in the churches. Anti-Israel Jews may think being so makes them non-Jewish, but in reality it only makes them useful idiots who are still Jews regardless of how they see themselves.

  • vwVwwVwv

    Reform Judaism is dead, it has no future nore was it ever build to have one.
    They intermarry, assimilate in to the People they live amongst and
    It will once be a family secret that Grandpa was a Jew.

    You only have to search for Liberal Jewish Assimilation Doctrine.

    This happened many times in Judaism, no big deal but none the less
    a sielent and painless Holocaust which will reduce the number of Jews
    In the Anglosaxon cultural hemisphere.

    • caliroxanne

      It won’t always be such a secret that grandpa was a Jew. I think that with DNA technology and the increasingly widespread use of it, it will make it impossible to hide one’s Jewish lineage, and these anti-Israel and anti-Jewish “stealth” Jews will be in for quite a shock!

      • vwVwwVwv

        They will start DNA -Tuning for to hide it….

  • Waffle

    The schism has already occurred in Canada.

    Canadian Jewry’s adulation for Trudeau the First was a third-rate romance. Foolishly, we yearned for the glamour of a Kennedyesque Camelot and so we (not me, however) voted in a shape-shifting anti-semite who had exchanged his German helmet for a raffish cape and a rose. And just to underscore his “good intentions” he shtupped Barbra Streisand in the northern equivalent of the White House.

    Canadian Jews loved it! Especially the lawyers (and there were many of them). Trudeau the First, who many regarded as the Messiah, threw the Jews (and others) a bauble — he pried open the doors of federally-regulated institutions Diefenbaker had done this previously) which had severely restricted the hire of Jews and other ethnics.

    The anti-semitic and Hitler-loving policies of the Mackenzie King years were quickly forgotten. PET’s new Liberal party was the party to support. Except for the fact that the new Liberals weren’t really liberal, but that was just a minor glitch — hardly worth mentioning.

    FF to the Y2K and the emergence of a new player on the federal stage — a welcome presence considering the corruption in both traditional major parties. The Torah-observant Jews of Canada’s largest orthodox congregation welcomed the leader of the Alliance, a newly-formed conservative party (Stockwell Day) like a long-lost brother.

    He lost the election, but he did pave the way for the eventual victory of Stephen Harper who,against all odds, was able to unite a fractured conservative base. It, however, was tenuous at best. It was positively surreal to observe the dynamics of a mixed marriage at an early Harper rally — the husband was a foot-stomping, fist-pumping Harper enthusiast, the wife — well, not so much.

    The assaults against Harper were non-stop. They persisted throughout his prime ministership. Although the attacks were primarily in the media, which had a definite effect on pubic perception, the split within the Canadian Jewish community became increasingly evident. Contrary to conventional wisdom, Jews do not vote as a cohesive ethic bloc and never have. During the Harper years there was the perception that the religious Jews had attained an undue influence (certainly evident in some of the messaging of the CPC). This had somewhat of a divisive influence on an increasingly divided community.

    But Papa Trudeau had laid the groundwork well. For too any Canadian Jews, loyalty and support for Harper’s CPC was only skin deep. At least one shocking incident passed totally under the radar:

    The billionaire proprietor of Canada’s largest generic drug maker had “issues” with Health Canada because it had discovered that the company had used contaminated filler materials in its out-of-country operations, so he threw his considerable support to Little Tater and even threw him a fancy-shmancy fund-raiser at his multi-million dollar mansion. Of course, a national pharma-care possibility has nothing to do with it.

    It is difficult, if not impossible to find, any real counterpoint to the capitulation and increasing dhimification of Canadian Jewry. The official publication, the Canadian Jewish News, gladly provides its space to Israel-bashing intellectuals and seems blind to growing Islamification. One has to look elsewhere to find out what’s really going on, but most are too lazy.